Yarn from Alaska..

Son and daughter in law vacationed in Alaska this summer and while there sent me some lovely alpaca yarn.  I worried it around a bit and finally decided to make him a hat for this winter.   I’ve found that not only do 2 color hats look pretty, they are also the warmest since there is actually a double layer of yarn.  This is what I came up with…

KnitCap If I could only figure out how to make my decreases fit with the alternating colors, I would be a happy camper… :(  Anyway, I thought I would finally graduate to doing the Kitchener stitch like everyone else and do it on the inside of the garment… well… no…  Never again…   I managed to drop about 5 stitches turning it and then had to turn it back again.  :)   I won’t try that again.  I think perhaps the old decrease down to 5 or 6 stitches and then pull up tight and knot it will work just fine.. :)

It’s a beautiful day in North Texas today… Youngest son is here and we are about to go renovate the front flower bed..  Lots of work in store.  Can’t wait.. Really hate what it has turned into since all the flooding in the spring and the dryness since then.   Had to remove all the roses from the north side of the house because they ALL developed rose rosette.. :(  Can’t plant any roses back because it stays in the ground with any left over roots … so replaced them with crape myrtle and some regular shrubs.  Will be pretty when they grow a bit, but sure miss my roses… :(

Have a wonderful day..  :)

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Knitted Edges… Who Knew? and Free Knit Patterns

Wandering through Pinterest this morning since I woke up.. got up.. at 4am.. ughhh  Anyway, I came across the most exquisite way to edge knitting!  I’ve always done tKnitEdgeshat thing that everyone teaches us to do… slip the first stitch to make the edges look “neat”.. and most of the time it works.. sort of.   But take a look at this site and the edges on this knitted lace.   Wow!  Oh.. in my excitement I forgot to say where..lol  Here it is:

The site is called 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book.   And in this article on “Knitted Lace (Wide)”  is the way edging your knitting was done back then.  Instead of slipping the first stitch, knit across the row, bring your yarn forward and then slip the last stitch purlwise.

While you’re over on the site, check out the free patterns.  I love them.

I love this.  It would seem that when making socks the pickup for the heels would be so much easier since these stitches are so symmetrical.  Who knows… but you can bet I’ll be using this on my next pair of socks.  :)

The Sweet DH is still in bed, Katie (the tiny, black poodle) is still in bed with him, but Sam (the larger apricot poodle) always has to get up with me.  He is so funny… lots of hugs and pets, then back to bed in his fluffy bed here in the office.  It’s now 7:16 and I just heard the beeps of the coffeepot turning itself off.  I must hurry to get my second cup.. :)  Have a wonderful day.. :)

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Over-the-arm-of-the-chair Sewing Organizer

No, I haven’t given up on the table runner.. :) .. still doing some hand quilting on it.SewingOrganizerforChairArm


But…  this is a gift that I was going to send for Christmas that just didn’t make the cut of things to do.. sigh..   I just could not get into the Christmas spirit this year and that’s a terrible thing.  Anyway, I’m into this now and will have a tutorial in a few days about how to make this.

Temps are a little warmer for the next few days.  Enjoying that.. :)  Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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Quilting a Table Runner.. I think…

TableRunnerInProg1There were some fabric squares and jelly rolls on sale… over Christmas… need I go on.. :)  I have enough of them to make a king size quilt, but I’m not sure that is what I want to do.  So.. I am just “doing” … and testing the waters since I’ve never used pre-cuts before.  I love this look with the idea that the eggshell solid around the patterned square will be quilted with red thread in a pattern… however … I haven’t gotten to that part yet.. :)

I am seriously thinking of turning this into a table runner… but when I tried it on my table the color didn’t really do much with the color of the wood of our table… :/   We’ll see… it may turn into something else altogether.  :)

Still raining here and very cold.  No ice yet, which is a really good thing.  Feeling bad for the folks around Midland/Odessa… so much ice and snow that the power lines are down and the trees are breaking.  Hope all is good where you are.. and that you are safe and warm inside.. :) Have a wonderful day..


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Love and Money Lap Looms…

MugRugLoom MugRugWovenI ordered these looms last spring and used them a bit since then.  They are lovely to keep your hands busy in the evening watching television… or any other time you have a few minutes.  Last night I decided to use up some strips of an old sheet that I’ve had rolled into a ball for about a year now.  It works perfectly!  What a sturdy mug rug this turned out to be.


These particular looms are from Love and Money Looms   and are quite nice for the price.  The size of the loom can be changed because the sides all come loose and be rearranged to suit whatever you are weaving.

I can see several of these mug rugs in my future… :)

It’s raining and cold here in North Texas with a possibility of ice.. :(  I don’t mind so much now that I don’t have to get out in it… but I sure get cabin fever after a few days of being stuck inside.

I hope your Christmas and New Year holidays were all you wished for.. and that this New Year brings you all the joy your heart can hold.  :)

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Corriedale Mix Yarn off the E-Spinner

CorriedaleMixESpinnerI finally decided that this incorrigible rash is going to stay with me forever, so I decided that it was time to start doing the things I love again.   I had tons of singles spun up on my Hansen E-Spinner so I decided to ply them and make use of them.  This is Corriedale mix and lawzee me!… there was a lot on that bobbin.  Almost 8 oz.!  There was so much that even using my Louet wheel (which has the largest bobbin of any of my wheels) there was so much it would not hold it all.

Using kool aid, I dyed it in two batches.. one blue and one yellow.  This is the scarf knitted from it.  I just LOVE the one row scarf pattern that the Yarn Harlot designed.  I use it a lot because it’s the same on both sides and is stretchy and warm and wonderful.. :)  Plus.. it’s easy to remember.   The pattern is HERE.

FairIsleCap112014This is where the rest of the blue and part of the yellow went..lol..  (Sounds like the old Pepsodent commercial.. No, if you are under 50 you will not get the giggle.. :) )  Anyway.. this is the hat for son Phil this year.  Now that I have 3 sons living way up north I will have to start making more hats.. :)

I love fair isle knitting.  I’m not that good at it, but I sure do love it.  :)  I seldom use a pattern since I always get lost trying to use a graphed pattern.. so I just make it up as I go along.

Have a great day today.  Give hugs to everyone you care about and maybe to a few you don’t.. :)

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Rigid Heddle Weaving… How to video for waffle weave

I enjoy my rigid heddle loom.  I must say that the first time I used yarn that I had spun and found that weaving with it produced wonderful fabric… I was hooked.  When I saw this video, I knew I would have to pass it on.  Have a look…

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