DFW Yarn Crawl, y’all… It’s Almost Here!

YarnCrawl2014This will be the 3rd year for the DFW Yarn Crawl, y’allInterest and participation is growing each year and this year presents as a great opportunity to get out and find new yarn and fiber merchants and meet and greet old and new friends in the Fiber Community.

This crawl can be done singly or with a group of buds all gathered up and making a day of it.  What to do:

1.  Print out your passport found here with the .pdf files to print off found near the bottom of the page.

2.  Begin the crawl and start collecting stamps on your passport Friday, October 3rd and continue through Sunday, October 12, 2014.

3.  There is no purchase necessary to have your passport stamped… but I’ve never been in any LYS without at least one turn around the shop.. :)

4.  At the last LYS you visit, you can turn in your passport to the clerk/shop personnel or you can mail it in by Sunday, October 19, 2014 to be eligible for prize drawings.  Passports can be mailed to:

     Jacob’s Reward Farm,  4308 Church Lane,  Parker, TX  75002

All of this information and more is found on the passport along with everything else you need to know about the Crawl.

If you are anywhere near the DFW area this is an opportunity not to be missed!  :)

The weather is slightly cooling here in North Texas and I am certainly enjoying the early mornings.  Finally bought some (very inexpensive.. but what the hey! )  chairs to put on the back porch and have certainly enjoyed them lately.  :)

Have a really good day.. :)

Dear All Wonderful Commenters

998585_635535209814304_1081120007_nI finally was able to get into my email for Fabric Follies Two and found several commenters with questions.  I am so sorry for not being able to answer your questions.

The last 6 months have been a very long period of health problems and I don’t have anyone else as a backup … hmmm… I should probably try to do something about that… :)

But I do appreciate all of you who do come and check up on the latest.. :)

Thank you…

(I have found …after quite a long period of time… that I have gluten intolerance.  If you have ever rolled around in a bed of poison ivy day after day for 6 months, perhaps you will NEARLY be able to understand.. :)

Blackland Prairie Artisan & Fibre Fair

Blackland Prairie Artisan & Fibre Fair

On September 20, 2014 the 2nd Annual Blackland Prairie Artisan and Fibre Fair was held in Denison, TX.  What fun!  My friend Pat and I had a great time wandering from vendor to vendor.

Just sorry Pat B. and Michael Cook could not be there.  You can find Pat B. at her blog Confessions of a Fiber Enthusiast and Michael Cook at Wormspit.   Pat is into all things fiber and Michael produces his own silk.. from worms.. hence “Wormspit”.. :)

BPAAFJensenSpinningWheel092014  I was thrilled to see a real Jensen production spinning wheel.  Ameda Holmes was warm, welcoming and full of information about her wheel.  You can find her at Feather Creek Designs blog.

BPAAFQuilts092014I didn’t talk to anyone at this vendor’s booth… but I just couldn’t resist the impulse to take a photo of all these gorgeous quilts.  :)

BPAAFTriLoom2014There was no one at this tri-loom vendor as Pat and I made our rounds.  This was one of the demonstrations that occurred.. and we missed.. :(   It is probably a REALLY good thing since I have wanted one of these for a long time.  The urge to get one is working on me hard..lol

BasketScarfWool092014BPAAFThis basket is called a “Bolga” Basket is handwoven from elephant grass in Ghana.  I couldn’t resist.  And the wool roving is a mix of wool and silk with a little bling every now and then.  There’s a little hint of blue in places that I think will give the finished yarn a tweed look… but we’ll see about that.

The blue silk scarf was hand dyed by Leef Bloomenstiel of Apple Leef Farm in Van Alstyne, TX.  If you’ve never been there and are in the North Texas area there is only one thing to do… GO!  :)  Leef is an integral part of the fiber scene here in North Texas and holds Classes, has Spin In Saturdays, and carries loads of fiber supplies that “we” can’t resist.. lol

There will be more on BPAFF in a day or so.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I find that there is much I want to say now.. :)

Summer is winding down and I bought some irises at one of our local fairs the other day… must get them planted.  Hope you have a wonderful day… :)

Arm Knitting.. Free Tutorial at SimplyMaggie.com

Who would have thought of using your arms for knitting needles?  I just watched this video.  What a cool idea.  My first thought was teenagers making their own, but I really like this myself.. :)

Have a look at SimplyMaggie.com with the tutorial  HERE

Crochet Your Own Kitchen Towel Holder

Linda S.:

I’ve decided that the next time I make this holder I will use the plastic circles that hold the soda cans together.. Just cut one out and crochet around it. No more messing with hard, heavy wire..

If you try it before me, let me know how it works… :)

Originally posted on Fabric Follies Two:

Crochet Your Own Kitchen Towel Holder

Over at Mish Mash etc. ( http://mishmashetc.blogspot.com) there’s a free crochet pattern for a kitchen towel holder. Quick, easy and works great.
Just click on the pic to get there… :)

View original

Free Chamois Thimble Tutorial

I truly enjoy sharing things that I have learned over the years, but due to large companies filching some of my patterns recently I must say here… You may use this pattern free of charge as many times as you like for yourself.  If you make these to sell (even at your school bazaars) acknowledgement for the pattern must come back to Fabric Follies Two.  I really hate to do this, but as I said… I grow weary of finding my patterns on “Big Company” free pattern sites.

A while back I talked about having to make another chamois thimble.  Well, wouldn’t you know that as soon as I had this one made I found the old one.. ;) AnywChamoisThimble1ay, I have put together photos for a step by step tutorial on how I make these.

Step 1:  Place your thimble finger on its side (not flat) on a piece of paper and draw around it. See photo.


Step 2:  The bottom of your finger drawing should be placed on the fold of a piece of paper.   This will allow the “pushing” side of your thimble to have no seam.  Cut out around the drawing of your finger leaving about  5 cm. (just less than a 1/4 inch) seam allowance.   This will be your pattern piece.


Step 3: Cutting on the seam allowance line, cut your thimble from the chamois.


Step 4: Using a very strong thread ( I used waxed dental floss) and a heavy needle, hand sew around the thimble.  I use a blanket stitch, you could use whatever stitch you would like.  Knot the beginning and end of your “thread” to keep it from coming apart with repeated use.


Step 5:Using a pen, dowel, whatever you have handy… turn the thimble inside out.   Your thimble is finished.. :)  Now to put it on your finger!


The thimble fits with the seam side up.  I always start by putting the thimble on my smallest finger.    This opens up the chamois and begins the bit of stretching that is required to fit it on the sewing finger.


After moving it to the ring finger and then onto the middle finger of my sewing hand, the thimble is in the right place.. fits well.. and is on its way to much use.  :)

I hope you find these thimbles as enjoyable to use as I have.   They have entirely changed my perspective about hand quilting and embroidery.  I enjoy the comfort..

A word of caution here… these thimbles will not help much if you are trying to push a needle through something like 2 or 3 layers of heavy denim.  They do not work if you are pushing through leather.  They are not intended to be used on anything that requires a pair of pliers to pull your needle through!  But for use with light quilting and embroidery, they are wonderful.

Finally finished putting all the blocks together for the Big Blue Quilt.  When I spread it onto the bed yesterday, my sweet DH stood at the door and said “Make it big.  Big enough to tuck the foot in!”  Sooo.. another 2 rows of blocks were added.  Then as I began testing the fabrics that I have to see if any would be suitable for the sashing and border, I realized that none of them worked as well as I had hoped.  That means a trip to JoAnns today.  I really want to have this finished by the time our sons arrive later this month.  That may be a seriously Impossible Dream… but we’ll see.. :)

Have a wonderful day.. :)

P.S. .. I have tried to format this post so the instructions sit alongside the photos, but alas, WordPress is not cooperating.  I hope this is understandable.. :)