Make your own spinning wheel… free tutorial

Update:   The new link for the Spin-Off Magazine Little Great Wheel tutorial is posted on this FF2 post.  Click here.

I don’t know exactly how this came about… but during my wanderings around the net I came across this site…. Goodness Gracious — Fiber Addict & Diaper Pattern.  While I was enjoying this site, I came across this link… Making Dreams Come True. It’s a pdf. file from Spin Off Magazine with all instructions needed to build your own Little Great Wheel.  I was too excited to find it since I may be able to talk my sweet DH into helping me build one.  The problem after that would be learning to use it since I have never spun anything but a mess…grin  Have a look…

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3 thoughts on “Make your own spinning wheel… free tutorial

  1. My favorite site is now and has been for along time iluvfabrix . They have over 7,000 designer fabrics on their site and the pictures of the fabrics are hyper prcies…..what you see on the site is exaclty what you get when you receive the fabric. Every upholstery fabric is very high quality and sold below wholesale. Just thought I would sahr this with you.

  2. just to let you know, your links don’t work to the free make your own spinning wheel tutorial???

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