Second Chamois pattern

2thimble2I found as I used the thimble I made by the pattern a couple of days ago  that the stitching around the tip of the finger would catch on the thread or in the fabric.  So I made my own design.  I put my finger on the paper and drew around it with a pencil.  Then I folded it from the bottom instead of the top…  and  cut around it with at least 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Once again I used the dental floss to sew the seams using just the plain whip stitch.  This time I sewed the tip of the finger shut without adding a piece.   Then I turned it inside out using a pair of tweezers to grasp the inside and tug to pull through.  (Not nearly as easily done as said…lol)  I had to put it on my little finger, wiggle it around a bit, move up to the next finger and wiggle it around a bit and finally on the middle finger.  It’s still a tight fit and holds very well as I work and is so very comfortable that I hardly know it is there.  This is the way all of my thimbles will be made now.  I love this one.

I have not had a single problem with the needle sticking through the chamois even when I was crossing seams that had a triple thickness of fabric.  I’m not sure that would be true if this quilt were made of Levi denim…then I think I would have to use the other thimble with the plastic insert in the fingertip.  But for regular sewing this one works great…

Give it a try…

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