Free Chamois Thimble Tutorial

I truly enjoy sharing things that I have learned over the years, but due to large companies filching some of my patterns recently I must say here… You may use this pattern free of charge as many times as you like for yourself.  If you make these to sell (even at your school bazaars) acknowledgement for the pattern must come back to Fabric Follies Two.  I really hate to do this, but as I said… I grow weary of finding my patterns on “Big Company” free pattern sites.

A while back I talked about having to make another chamois thimble.  Well, wouldn’t you know that as soon as I had this one made I found the old one.. ;) AnywChamoisThimble1ay, I have put together photos for a step by step tutorial on how I make these.

Step 1:  Place your thimble finger on its side (not flat) on a piece of paper and draw around it. See photo.


Step 2:  The bottom of your finger drawing should be placed on the fold of a piece of paper.   This will allow the “pushing” side of your thimble to have no seam.  Cut out around the drawing of your finger leaving about  5 cm. (just less than a 1/4 inch) seam allowance.   This will be your pattern piece.


Step 3: Cutting on the seam allowance line, cut your thimble from the chamois.


Step 4: Using a very strong thread ( I used waxed dental floss) and a heavy needle, hand sew around the thimble.  I use a blanket stitch, you could use whatever stitch you would like.  Knot the beginning and end of your “thread” to keep it from coming apart with repeated use.


Step 5:Using a pen, dowel, whatever you have handy… turn the thimble inside out.   Your thimble is finished.. :)  Now to put it on your finger!


The thimble fits with the seam side up.  I always start by putting the thimble on my smallest finger.    This opens up the chamois and begins the bit of stretching that is required to fit it on the sewing finger.


After moving it to the ring finger and then onto the middle finger of my sewing hand, the thimble is in the right place.. fits well.. and is on its way to much use.  :)

I hope you find these thimbles as enjoyable to use as I have.   They have entirely changed my perspective about hand quilting and embroidery.  I enjoy the comfort..

A word of caution here… these thimbles will not help much if you are trying to push a needle through something like 2 or 3 layers of heavy denim.  They do not work if you are pushing through leather.  They are not intended to be used on anything that requires a pair of pliers to pull your needle through!  But for use with light quilting and embroidery, they are wonderful.

Finally finished putting all the blocks together for the Big Blue Quilt.  When I spread it onto the bed yesterday, my sweet DH stood at the door and said “Make it big.  Big enough to tuck the foot in!”  Sooo.. another 2 rows of blocks were added.  Then as I began testing the fabrics that I have to see if any would be suitable for the sashing and border, I realized that none of them worked as well as I had hoped.  That means a trip to JoAnns today.  I really want to have this finished by the time our sons arrive later this month.  That may be a seriously Impossible Dream… but we’ll see.. :)

Have a wonderful day.. :)

P.S. .. I have tried to format this post so the instructions sit alongside the photos, but alas, WordPress is not cooperating.  I hope this is understandable.. :)

Free Knitted Shawl Pattern.. Bev’s Country Cottage

Back in 2006 when I was trying to learn to knit I found this pattern and deFamily 037cided I could do it.  I knew how to knit and purl.  This looked easy enough.  And it was.  If you have a newbie, daughter, son, nephew, niece…anyone who would like to make “something” and have a really feel good experience, this is something to think about.

I found this at Bev’s Country Cottage .  It’s called her “Dishcloth Shawl”.  You can find the free pattern here.   This is my lovely daughter modeling it for me.. :)

Give this  a try.  It’s a quick and easy project.  You don’t have to make it as big as this one.. stop whenever it’s as big as you like or run out of yarn… as Elizabeth Zimmermann used to say.

Have a great day!

Knitted Sock Repair How-to.. from Cookie A

Cookie A Sock Club … I have to admit to finding this wonderful sock knitting club on socksfroggingPinterest.  By following a link back from a  tutorial showing how to repair big holes in those precious hand knitted socks I found the Cookie A Sock Club !  Unfortunately, the sock club is filled up for 2013 but I did sign up for the newsletter to see whether a 2014 offer would be made.

The tutorial for the sock repair is different from any that I have ever seen and looks to be the most comfortable for the sock wearer.  I am over the moon with this!  I have stopped printing off everything I see on the  but you can bet this is one page that will be printed!

Make Your Own Thimble… again and Split Rail Quilt Wins

I’m in the process of making the quilt for our bed… but in the evening I’m doing a little hand quilting on a small one that I started ages back.  Hand quilting without a thimble is a bit disconcerting to say the least.   And I cannot for the life of me find my hand-made leather thimble.. :(  So I am posting a link back to the one I made using a chamois back in 2009.  Today I will be making another one.

Second Chamois Thimble.. free pattern


I finally decided I would do the Split Rail Fence quilt since this will be the first king size quilt I’ve made.  I love the way it looks!   I laid it out on the bed yesterday and was really surprised that I will love it. The blocks are 13″ block and will give ample room for specialty quilting.

SplitRailQuilt1It’s coming along nicely and I already have almost all the blocks I need.   If you would like to make one with me or follow along with the steps,  just drop me a note or leave a comment and I will be a little more specific about the steps.. :)

It’s much cooler this week here in North Texas.  A couple of days ago it was in the upper 40s when I got up at 5am.  Little cool standing out there in my house coat waiting for Sam to make up his mind where to do his

Have a wonderful day and make something today… even if it’s just making a little noise with a song.. :)

Craft and Fabric Links .com … free patterns

We may still have 98° temps here in North Texas, but it won’t be long before that chill in the air begins.  I’ve been giving some thought to those cold feet I get in the winter that seem to resist any warmth I try to give them.  When I saw this pattern   at Craft and Fabric for insulated insoles, I first thought of my sons that live up North and then thought of Christmas gifts.. (yes it is creeping around the corner quickly..:)

I have never had good luck with insoles in my shoes.. even the store bought kind.  But what a wonderful sole for hand-made quilted, crocheted, knitted house shoes.  Now I could get excited about that..

While you’re over at Craft and Fabric take a look at all of their other wonderful free patterns.  They also have free lessons on quilting, crafting and even some tips for starting and maintaining your own business.

Julia’s Place… free tute for making wired ribbon pansies…

I’ve been going to Julia’s Place   for as long as I’ve been blogging.  My goodness… could that really be 6 years!  In the process of looking for her mini-tute about how draw your own pattern for metal clasp eye glass cases, I stumbled across this beauty.

Most of you know that I’ve had a small crazy quilt started now for about 3 years… hmmm  These pansies will be glorious on it.  Her instructions for making wired ribbon pansies is here..Make sure you have plenty of time before you go Julia’s.  I can spend all day going thru her wonderful quilts..

Have a wonderful day!


A “New” Disppearing Nine Patch.. free tutorial…

I love it.  I just found it.  I. had. to. show. it. to. you.!!  I really like the disappearing nine patch quilt block.  It takes an easy basic block and turns it into something that looks so meticulously done.

This quilt was made for my first granddaughter.. ;o)  Her name is Hannah.

Now I have learned that I am in line for a Great Granddaughter and another Great Grandchild … !!!   Wow!
So this new disappearing nine patch will look like this for at least one of these precious babies.. ;)

This is disappearing nine patch quilt where the 9 patch blocks were specifically pieced and cut to make this gorgeous quilt.  It’s found at Jo’s Country Junction but the link to the tutorial can be found  HERE…

Hop over and have a look.. ;o)

It’s beginning the really hot part of summer here in North Texas.. All I can say is ..Thank Goodness for Air Conditioners!