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Pedicure Socks… pattern

If you’ve ever had a pedicure then you’re familiar with the slippery slope that comes with trying to wear those little throw-away flip flops home…first trying to stay on them and then trying to drive with your oily feet slipping … Continue reading

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Dave Daniels…Quilter

  Today the domestic arts of knit, crochet, quilting are making a huge comeback into the mainstream of our society.  Women  are staging “Knit in Public” days, crocheting is becoming more common on the commuter trains and in waiting rooms, … Continue reading

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Precious Moments… a favorite of everyone… (free patterns)

I think most people find the cute little ones of Precious Moments to be irresistable.  I know I do.  I found this adorable sculpture photo on the Precious Moments Flickr site uploaded by kansasexplorer… Isn’t it terrific? Designs by Gloria … Continue reading

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The Caron Collection (Many free stitchery designs)

The Caron Collection has a page of free designs that different magazines have provided.  There are so many… I spent an hour looking and never did see them all.  Have a look and wander through the site.  You’ll be glad you did…

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My DH Says I Have AADD…

as he moves aside the yarn skeins… or beads… or stacks of printed patterns from the kitchen table or the floor beside my chair.  It seems that one project at a time is never enough… Does anyone else have that … Continue reading

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Christmas 2006… What fun!

The holidays at our house was warm, relaxed and sunny.  The day was spent at our son’s home with a wonderful set of friends and a dinner that was totally wonderful… and not prepared by me!  grin  We had our … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

As the days grow near With Holiday Cheer A merry wish for all to have a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!        

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