My DH Says I Have AADD…

as he moves aside the yarn skeins… or beads… or stacks of printed patterns from the kitchen table or the floor beside my chair.  It seems that one project at a time is never enough… Does anyone Alpaca shrug, acrylic scarf and embroidered book coverelse have that problem or is it just me?  The crocheted alpaca shrug is a WISP that I started before Christmas and am just now getting back to work on.  The blue knitted scarf is being done using up some acrylic yarn in my stash because I really wanted to learn to do the basketweave stitch…without spending a lot of money.  Thanks to Mariella of Knitting Nonni and ~firefly of I live on a farm, I seem to be bitten by the “I really want to learn to knit” bug. But… I also love embroidery, so I started a little cover for the new daily planner that I will be carrying this year. 

And then there is the painting…. Yesterday I needed something to protect my end table from any accidental moisture when I set up the wonderful teapot fountain that our sons got me for Christmas. (Did I say how much I love this fountain?!) Anyway… on a shelf in the Tile with Teapot Fountaingarage was a package of left over tiles from when we did the bathroom floor… so… out they came and with a few minutes of painting I had two painted… 30 minutes in the oven… and voila! A little felt under them to protect the table and all is well… except that my DH was wondering what I was doing and why?!  grin

And then there is the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge that sharon b.  will have going beginning on January 2, 2007.  This will be a year long challenge that will consist of using a single embroidery stitch each week and exploring how many ways that stitch can be used.  If this is something that may interest you, have a look, check it out and give it a try. 

Have great plans for doing some deep cleaning, up to and including my craft room…. (sucking sound heard across the room as the reality of that chore hits home!) Will keep you posted…. 

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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