Sunbonnet (lots of free patterns)

Sunbonnet Sue.comI’ve always loved Sunbonnet Sue.  I stumbled across this site about a year ago and just have to go back every now and then to see what’s up.  Several free patterns here, however there are several free patterns scattered throughout the site.  Sunbonnet Sam has his own page.  Don’t miss the “FDNY Firemen Raising the Flag atBad the World Trade Center”  block …And Then… There is the Bad Sue site!  Sue reads Playgirl, swims in a NO SWIMMING AREA… too much fun.  Have a look…

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Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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10 Responses to Sunbonnet (lots of free patterns)

  1. dailystitches says:

    I know Kim, the woman behind this site, she’s the queen of Sunbonnet Sue! She lives out further east of me.

  2. Corina says:

    I discover the site some weeks ago, I made a nice bag with Sunbonnet Sue for my little girl! Very goed site!

  3. tnmomwith3kids says:

    Love them both. I have started a couple of SB quilts. I have finished a few pillows. I have such a hard time getting around all of those curves.

  4. Pat Lehner says:

    Our youngest daughter received a baby blanket from a friend when she was born 29 years ago. The printed fabric had a bonnetted girls and bibbed boys in circles that resembled the wedding ring design. Unfortunately her blanket is missing. Now she is expecting a baby girl this fall and I would love to find that fabric (if possible) and make a baby blanket for our little granddaughter that will resemble the blanket her mommy loved. Any help will be appreciated. Thank yo.

  5. Linda S. says:

    Hi Pat,
    I wish that I could help, but I have no idea where to find the fabric you are looking for. You can google search for bonnet girl fabric and see what comes up. Good luck…

  6. miriam duman says:

    I placed an order 9-28-09 and have not received my request. It has been collected by your company. The information is the following.

    118 greenport #6314778215 Description Sewing/needlewk/fab

    You have collected $5.25

    Before I contact my credit card company I need to know if or when will I be receiving what I have ordered.

  7. Linda says:

    I’m sorry, Miriam. We are not a store and do not sell anything. I think you must have ordered from somewhere else. I’m sorry you are having difficulty, but I think this post is on the wrong site.

  8. Long time trying to find a pattern.

  9. BARBARA HAIGH says:

    I saw a patern crinoline lady with umberella on Sunbonnet about a year ago now I am unable to get this site up can anyone help?

  10. Merry Wilson says:

    hello and good evening ladies. I was hopeing someone can help me. I am making a quilt and was wondering if there was a pattern of a pregnant sue. I am making a 24 block quilt of sue and sammie (the boy version) of each hoilday of the year and I wanted for the month of may for (mother’s day) have a pregnant sue and something cute for daddy sammie but I cant not draw one to save my soul. can someone point me in the right direction with this? thanks a million

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