How to Make a Doll Dress (tutorial)

Tiny is that perfect place online to find all the tiny little necessaries for making perfect doll clothes.  Tiny zipper, hooks & eyes, fasteners, buttons, charms…for the perfect proportioned doll clothes.   Vintage and contemporary patterns for Barbie style dolls.  But one of the best things for the inexperienced doll dress maker is the wonderful, step-by-step tutorial for making a dress from beginning to end…including how to insert the zipper.   I have spent about 2 hours wandering through this site looking at patterns, how to’s and on an on…  Have a look….

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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3 Responses to How to Make a Doll Dress (tutorial)

  1. Corina says:

    Thank you for the link, I tried to do some cloths for Barbie but I did not manage:) I will use this tutorial, my daughter will be very happy! I found an interesting link, looking for Barbie cloths patterns, on how to make a quilt from barbie cloths:

  2. dailystitches says:

    I have bought a few Barbie outfits for my niece, and cringe at the cheap fabric and shoddy construction, coupled with the high prices. If I had more little girls in my life, I might take the plunge and try this.

  3. Linda S. says:

    I checked the link to the Barbie quilt, Corina. What an idea! How cute would that be on a little girls bed…or even a small blouse or something as an embellishment on a crazy quilt!

    That’s why I am making these for the great granddaughters for Christmas, Jo. I cringe every time I think of the cost of those things.. I may have to give in and buy the shoes..but I’m betting I can make some using Sculpy for the soles…we’ll see.

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