I Made My Own Drop Spindle (tutorial)

Last year I found the Joy of Handspinning site.  The idea of spinning yarn with nothing but a drop spindle intriqued me, so yesterday DH and I spent 20 minutes in the shop and made this…  I think that perhaps the whorl is not big enough for the shaft because it does not want to keep spinning.  (Here is another video showing how to make a drop spindle from a couple of old CDs)… I must have watched this video about 20 times trying to get things working correctly…grin  Anyway, it’s a good thing there are pics online of some beginner’s first efforts at spinning or I would give up now … lol   However….

In my search through You Tube for videos to help, I came across these two videos for using the Mother Marion Kick Spindle… first demo and second demo.  Both appear to be very simply made and would be very affordable to make.  They would allow both hands to be free for the spinning process, so guess what’s next on the agenda…lol

Now the problem is what to do with this…  I found one video that tells how to remove the yarn from the spindle, but it seems to refer to leaving it on for a few days… don’t know.  Will see what else I can find… Hope your day is filled with good things…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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1 Response to I Made My Own Drop Spindle (tutorial)

  1. I am venturing into making a Kick spindle on my own. I plan to share the design plans on my other blog at crowcallingwoman.blogspot.com
    Maybe we can brain storm on it!

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