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Bookbinding 101 (tutorial)

I’m almost finished with the hand quilting of the Split Rail Fence Quilt… Since I am spending so much time with it, I thought I would post a few re-visits to some of my favorite sites for the next few … Continue reading

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Beaded Amulet Bags (free pattern)

Sometime back I received from an aunt and uncle 3 of my grandmother’s thimbles.  She quilted quite a lot as she had 11 children and needed warm blankets for the winter.  For a while I kept them in my jewelry box… … Continue reading

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Knitting on the (at least 100 free patterns)

I have found the pattern for my first attempt at knitting a sweater.  I love this sweater…  Barbara Breiter, co-author with Gail Diven of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting Illustrated, has a web site called Knitting on … Continue reading

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Fingerloop Braiding (tutorial and free pattern)

Wonderful to use as a binding around small projects, to embellish embroidery, or as the cording for purse handles etc.. I found this easy way to make strong cords irresistable to work with.  The tiny blue and whitecord in the … Continue reading

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I Made My Own Drop Spindle (tutorial)

Last year I found the Joy of Handspinning site.  The idea of spinning yarn with nothing but a drop spindle intriqued me, so yesterday DH and I spent 20 minutes in the shop and made this…  I think that perhaps the … Continue reading

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My Calendar Desktop

I have always wondered why the great calendar and Things to Do lists and etc.. that Microsoft Outlook has in their programs couldn’t be the first thing you see when you turn on your pc… All the classes, meetings, personal dates that I … Continue reading

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Spin Off Magazine (free patterns & tutorials)

 DSIL stopped by for a visit yesterday while Brigit was at the vet having her teeth  cleaned.  While here, he graciously consented to modeling the naalbound hat that I made last week… (actually, I just wanted to see if it … Continue reading

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Make your own spinning wheel… free tutorial

Update:   The new link for the Spin-Off Magazine Little Great Wheel tutorial is posted on this FF2 post.  Click here. I don’t know exactly how this came about… but during my wanderings around the net I came across this … Continue reading

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Kissy Cross … (free embroidery patterns)

It was off to the doctor again on Tuesday.  Looks like there will be physical therapy on my right shoulder since the knock-about in the auto accident.  The ibuprofen was keeping the major discomfort at bay but, because of continuing … Continue reading

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