Are There Any Spinners Out There?

Look what came in my mail!  I ordered this roving from Carrie Cape at her  Funky Carolina shop on Etsy. The picture just does not do them  justice.  The colors are so soft and there is almost a creamy quality to the Poof that is shown on the right. The small red skein is a gift from Carrie that came with it and I just love it.   Thank you , Carrie.

The skein on the left is called Whisper and I have tried my hand with the drop spindle already.  I have been really careful about trying to keep my yarn even, but have to wonder if I am putting too much twist on it.  I really, really like this roving and really do want it to become something wonderful.  Sooo…. Jo……(and anyone else who would like to PLEASE critique)… if you  go to my Flickr  pic, you can see the twist about an inch or so up from the whorl.  Is that too much?  Thanks…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Are There Any Spinners Out There?

  1. dailystitches says:

    Hi, I’m back, catching up on blogs before I have a brief phone meeting on a possible new project for work, then I am free for the day to work on PCs.

    Anyway, I am hardly an experienced spinner, so let me flip through my printed resources on spinning and let you know how to tell. I like to try for enough twist to lock the fibers, but not so much that the ply is completely opaque and ropey looking. Are you attenuating the roving before spinning it up? Blue Faced Leicester poofs up so nicely when carded that it should make an airy yarn, I think. One way to tell is unwind a length, and put something heavy like a crochet hook about midway down the unwound length. Double the end of the yarn up to the spindle and let the crochet hook drop, causing the yarn to wind onto itself in a two ply arrangement. Do you like the texture of the resulting yarn? Hopefully you can untwist this little test and wind back on to the spindle.

  2. dailystitches says:

    Have you looked there yet? Got to run, meeting about to start.

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