“From Sea to Shining Sea” …Texas

What can one say about Texas?  I suppose a lot has been said over the years… Yes, it’s big.  Very big.  Yes, there is a lot of oil.  A lot of oil with a lot of big Texas oil millionaires.  And what about the cows?… We have ’em.  Lots of them.   But when it comes down to the real State of Texas, that means me… and a few million others just like me… the me that can only speak to life in certain areas of Texas.  While  I have been to the desert with it’s gorgeous vistas and cactus flowers that surrounds El Paso… the wide open, windy plains that have acres upon acres of soybeans and cotton around Lubbock… the waving wheat fields of the panhandle with their cows and tractors… the humid, tropical area of Houston where you can grow tropical plants all year round… and the “hill country” of east Texas where the Weyerhauser Company has entire mountains covered with the most beautiful pine trees I have ever seen… I can still only speak to life in a small portion of our wonderful place on this planet. 

This is the me that gets up each morning and has my coffee,  glances out the window and wonders what the mercurial weather will do today.  Having droughts two years (or sometimes 4 or 5) in a row, them immediately one day having floods that just keep on following one another for an entire summer.  Keeping one ear to the weather channel listening for that all important tornado warning… wondering if  this storm will be the one.  Wondering if today is the day that I really need to re-check the cellar to be sure it is supplied with the fresh water, blankets and things necessary for “after tornado” survival. 

And bugs… we have our share.  Texas is not perfect… unless you live here.

These things are all a part of living in Texas.. not to mention driving along and passing a “bull hauler” truck and smelling that wonderful cow poo aroma for the next 1/2 mile.  After a while the smell may still be atrocious, but never-the-less it’s still comforting.  It says… “I’m home”.

Texas has a rich heritage that all Texans are proud of… from the earliest beginnings of our state until today.  From the Alamo in San Antonio to NASA in Houston, we have never stopped growing.  I guess this heritage has affected me in the same way it affects all Texans.. an extraordinary sense of pride. 

 What true Texan doesn’t have a special place in their heart for Blubonnets and wildflowers?  Beautiful vistas that make a person want to jump out of the car and run through them.  Everywhere a person looks along the roads, in the country , in the city…almost everywhere are the lovely blooms of the bluebonnet… the Texas state flower.  Each year as I see the first ones blooming, somewhere in the back of my mind I see mile long cattle drives, covered wagon, swollen rivers… and survival. 

Texas has everything for Philharmonic Orchestras and operas to quilting bees and rodeos.  Diversity is a very large part of our large state.  Boating in our lakes, river rafting, hayrides, night clubbing, art galleries, museums… anything a person would like to do is found here in our great state. 

The beauty of this state can only be surprassed by the hardworking, fun loving and proud  people who live here.  

So on this 4th of July 2007, I will be joining all of the other Texans and the rest of our United States of America in remembering the joys and the trials, the unrelenting drive of our forefathers in forging this great nation of ours.  It is only through their dedication that we have our Independence Day.  But lest we forget…  our independence has been maintained and kept sacred by the many young men and women who serve our country every day, every month and every year.  Our Independence continues because of them and because of them we can remain happy and proud of our individual states.  Remember them, say a prayer for them and hold them close and dear to your hearts as you watch the fireworks and celebrate this day.  

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About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to “From Sea to Shining Sea” …Texas

  1. Corina says:

    Thank you Linda for the nice story and photos. Did you know?

  2. Janet says:

    Loved the photos–I think I’m gonna remember those bluebonnets! …And loved your comments on the stereotypes about people from Texas! I think every state has a few of those, huh?

    Thanks for adding to Pike’s Peak!
    Take care and God bless!
    (blog-“Daily Provision”)

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