Weaving Sticks Tutorial

I’ve spent a couple of days working on a tutorial for the weaving sticks.  I thought perhaps I would have some smaller ones made by the time I put this up…but if I continue to wait for that it may 2008 before I get it up..grin!  So here is how I use the weaving sticks…this is not to say that this is the only way, just the way I do it…

First.. I gather the things I will need… weaving sticks, warp material (in this case, #12 crochet thread), buttons and weft material (in this case a large ball of twine).  

Measure and cut the warp thread to twice the length of whatever project you would like to  make and add 8 inches to give you 4 inches on each end to tie together at the end of the project. (These extra 4 inches to each end can be added to and made into fringe or they can be woven back into the weaving using the appropriate needle for whatever you’ve chosen to be the warp material.)   Cut as many warp threads as the number of weaving sticks you will be using.   Thread each warp thread through the weaving stick, pull until the ends are even, thread onto a button and tie in a knot on the bottom.  Some people don’t use the buttons… you can also tie each end into a knot and when all sticks are threaded, gather them all into your hand and tie them into a knot.  After all the sticks are prepared with the warp thread, you are ready to weave.

  Tie the weft material to one of the sticks about 3 inches from the bottom.  With this stick to the outside, hold the sticks as shown and begin to weave in and out between the sticks from side to side and back.  The sticks will be a little unruly if you are using very many until there is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of weaving on the sticks.




Continue to weave until you have only  1 1/2 inches or so of      the stick showing at the top.







As the sticks fill up, the weaving will have to be moved down the sticks.  This done by gently twisting the outside stick and using a pulling motion to pull it up instead of trying to push the weaving itself down.  The next stick is pulled up the same way, with each stick in turn pulled to the same length as the beginning stick.





 As the weaving is moved down the warp threads it will look very loose and floppy until the bottom of the warp threads are reached.  After that, the weaving can be made a tight as wanted simply by continuing to weave.  Be sure to estimate the weaving on the sticks with the amount of warp left when you are planning to end the weaving.  When you have the weave as tight as you want…cut the buttons off the bottom and tie the threads together..two edge threads with one of the next two threads..the other thread with one of the next two threads..and so on until all threads are tied together finishing with the last two threads being tied to the single thread of the previous row.  Repeat with the top of the weaving by cutting off the warp at the bottom of the weaving sticks…be sure to leave enough thread on each end so it can be tied easily.  The ends can be trimmed or used for fringe edging.


About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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