He Made His Own Lap Loom (free plans for a lap loom)

My son has become quite interested in weaving.  Sooo… he came to visit a couple of weeks ago with plastic bag in hand and said “Mom.. I’ve got something to show you!”  Out of the bag came a sample of weaving that would make such wonderful placemats that I was instantly in love…

He said he found a piece of plywood stashed in the garage and got busy.  This one is just nailed together as a basic “try it” loom and it works just fine.  After the success of this one he got busy and built one that is 6 feet tall..grin  Can’t wait to get over there and try it…

I’ve been interested in making a loom for a long time, but just haven’t done it… Here is the plan for a lap loom that I thought about using…and will definitely use now..grin  This is from the Hallnet website and is one of the simplest looms I have found. 

For a more elaborate loom, Bob’s Crafts … Craft Two has a great build it yourself table top loom. It’s called a Two Harness Tabletop Loom.  This would be a good loom to use for card weaving.  Another good one to use for card weaving is a Backstrap Loom…he also has plans for making the rigid heddle needed for this type of loom.

Have a look….

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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