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Craft (free tutorials)

I found this site.. Craft  some time ago and received permission to blog about it… you will love it.  Amy is a very talented person with some really good ideas.  When I saw this, I was reminded of a lady … Continue reading

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Woven Pouches

I did some Kool Aid dyeing on Thursday of some 3 ply merino that I’ve had hangin’ out in my basket, waiting for me to get around to dying it.  There was also some “yarn surprise” that I had taken off … Continue reading

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Knitting (free knitting patterns and tips)

Like simple and elegant stockinette stitch sweaters?  Don’t like the roll at the waistline?  Today’s post at Knitting Daily shows how to add a no-roll hem that won’t add an extra inch around the waist…  Have a look….

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I love this site… has hundreds of free knit and crochet patterns that don’t look like some 5 year old designed them.  Quality designs…even a group of patterns for larger ladies like me… There are even 140+ scarf patterns…grin  … Continue reading

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Pocket Weaving ( free tutorial)

I came across these Pocket Loom Sets  at Palmer and was fascinated.  So I looked around some more and found a small tutorial of how to use these after making your own looms out of cardboard…Meadow Tree has … Continue reading

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Spinning Wheels Made In Texas?

Absolutely…Wow!  I was shocked to find that wonderful spinning wheels are hand made right here in Texas.   Lloyd Stahl of Prairie’s End Woodcrafts in Katy, TX hand builds wonderful spinning wheels…and other things.  What brought about this amazing discovery was a post … Continue reading

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How to Make a Beaded Wrist Distaff (tutorial)

Yesterday I finally got around to making the beaded wrist distaff I have put off for about a year now.   Most of my alpaca fleece wound up in the garbage… wayyy toooo dirty and whatever was in it turned into … Continue reading

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