Hummingbird Cross Stitch Patterns…Free!

There’s been a lot going on for the last week!  Anyway, while I am catching my breath, try these gorgeous little hummingbirds…they are luscious!  A big Thank You  goes out to Jenny Rasmussen for her designs and her willingness to allow our use of these pretty designs.  For more of her free patterns, try her home page…  Bird Cross

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Hummingbird Cross Stitch Patterns…Free!

  1. Rosemary Plummer says:

    Would love to see the lovely hummingbird patterns.
    drink from flowers or feeder and different positions of hummingbird for wallhanging Ruby-hummingbird. thanks, Rosemary

  2. Linda S. says:

    Rosemary, please click on the link in blue that will take you to the hummingbird pattern site. I hope this helps.

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