Crafting Crisis

I guess you could say I’m in a “Crafting Crisis”…..  Just got back from a short trip..took along my crochet hook and some of the purple and the yellow homespun I finished a while back.  Worked on several off the cuff patterns that just sprang up in my head.  None of them gelled.  Ughhh…

So when we stopped at a Wal-Mart along the way I found this book.  It has several really nice and fairly easy patterns in it that are pretty enough and easy enough for the beginner or intermediate crocheter. 

Well, now we are home.  I love the book and have “looked” the color off the pages.  I have checked against my homespun and what colors I have available..seems the “Touch of Spring” pattern would work really well with what I have… hmmm  And then…

I look at the samples of the weaving I have done and I still love the purple for use in a weave. 

I want to make a quilt.

I have much more mixed wool to be spun (and I do love to spin!).

I really need to  write down and post the instructions for making my crocheted thimble holder..

It’s too hot to work…

I’ll just give it a day or two… this too will past, as my Grandma always said…grin

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Crafting Crisis

  1. Michele says:

    Great post. I bet most crafters can relate. For me, there’s the crochet necklace that is not speaking to me on how to put it all together. Then there’s the Easter Basket pattern I was working on (was for this Easter – guess it’ll just have to wait for next year – lol). And the creature I started who has no head. And the bear with no arms, and the… Oh, isn’t crafting and the creative process so much fun!!!

  2. Linda S. says:

    Thanks, Michele,
    I agree …lol This is me most of the time.

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