Change to Yarn…much better (and Ike)

After much standing on my head and rummaging through my stash, I came up with some baby yarn that has been patiently waiting for about 3 or 4 years now… it’s time has come.   I find this much easier to tension..if that’s the proper term.. to keep my row straight.  With the crochet thread the edges began to turn up as the sides would pull in…then it was not possible to straighten it out again.  I’m sure it was a newbie problem with pulling the edges too close, but this yarn is much better for me to learn with…  As you can see by looking closely at the lower edge of the fabric, my tension is still not too good.  But I’m learning… ;O)   

My DH and I use small wire trays..lined with rather thick placemats… to eat on every day.  We have side by side computers, so as we have breakfast we also read the news and can comment to each other on whatever is happening that day.  This fabric will be just the perfect size for those trays.  ( I know this practice will bring horrified gasps from some…lol… but it works for us! lol)   I kinda like the way the green warp shows through and sometimes wish that I had planned a pattern with the weft, but will refrain from trying anything else right now and try to work on the edges problem….

Any suggestions from more experienced weavers would be totally appreciated…

taelixev has asked if the Kromski heddles are large enough for worsted weight yarn… The default heddle with the Kromski Harp is a 10 dent.  Since I have just started using mine, I can only tell you what I surmise.  I think this heddle would be big enough for this baby yarn I am using as weft to work just fine as warp.  I don’t know about worsted.  However… there are 3 sizes of heddles that Kromski makes.  You can order whichever size you need to come with your Harp…or any other Kromski loom.  Or.. you can order as many extra heddles as you would like.  I haven’t ordered any extras yet… want to learn the basics first and then will move on to more exotic things… I hope this has answered your question…  ;O)

As a bit of an aside… we are about 60 miles north of Dallas and as I look up from my pc and out the window (at 9:22am CDT), the day is cloudy… barely a breeze as I write this…  The weather forecast is for up to 55 mph winds today with 100% chance of rain as Hurricane Ike moves over us later today.   We got some welcome rain from Gustav and a little wind, but nothing like they are forecasting now.  The city has published online maps of the city showing all the flood prone areas in the hopes that people will “not go there”… but that is highly unlikely.  There are always some… We can just hope that all these incidents will end safely…

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Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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1 Response to Change to Yarn…much better (and Ike)

  1. taelixev says:

    Hi! Thanks! That did help me “visualize” what it would work with.

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