First Woven Scarf..FO and Ozark Carding Mill, LLC

I finished the first woven scarf with my hand spun… It’s been washed and dried…now I’m not sure I did all that correctly, but it looks ok to me…lol 

I am loving this.  The stand for the Kromski Harp should arrive today and you can bet that there will be a path worn in the carpet from my trips back and forth to the front door to see if it has  There will be an 8 dent heddle also, but I have to wonder if I would really like this scarf with the wider warp and looser weave…hmmm

There was a celebration downtown on the square on Sunday to celebrate the date of the Butterfield Stage’s first stop here in town. This will be an annual event evidently showcasing what the town was like…everyone dressed in period clothes and taking stagecoach rides. 

There was a lady there that was spinning… from her German Angora bunny.  Everyone was enthralled.  I was so thrilled that there was someone else who actually did spinning that I could hardly stand myself only to find that after she learned that I was a spinner she had nothing else to say to me.  And after her husband found that I was a weaver, he had nothing else to say to me….sigh 

But…the day was

I did not get a picture, but as we were walking away what did I spy but a lady using a spindle!!!  And a Golding spindle at that!  It was the first Golding spindle I had ever seen and when I spoke to her she even let me try it out.  What a joy that was…it just seemed to spin forever… And the wool she was using… OH MY GOODNESS.. WHAT HEAVEN THAT WAS…. And then the topper… Her name is Gail White and she and her husband have a carding mill in Durant, OK… right up the road!  Ozark Carding Mill, LLC… I can hardly wait to visit…

This is the stagecoach that was giving rides.  I don’t know if they were charging or not for the rides..I don’t think so.  If there had not been a line that went around the block, I would have taken a ride.  There was a lot going on for such a small beginning celebration and some of it was really quality stuff… As time goes on, this should become a celebration everyone will look forward to each year.

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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3 Responses to First Woven Scarf..FO and Ozark Carding Mill, LLC

  1. cyndy says:

    The scarf looks lovely! Handspun, handwoven, what could be better?

    Thanks for the blogiversary wishes!

  2. Donna says:

    If that lady was spinning off of a pure German Angora, it was cruel to do so. They do not molt, and there is no good time to pluck them without hurting them. OTOH, the rabbit doesn’t look pure. Perhaps it has some French or Satin in it? Those often (and usually do) molt, even the crosses with German.

  3. Linda S. says:

    This was not harming the rabbit… it was molted fiber. But it was making a few people uncomfortable with one man remarking that it “had to hurt”… It is not something I would do since there is virtually no way to let everyone that walks by know about the loose fibers…

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