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I’ve About Had It With This Sock…

I’ve been working on this sock for several days now and spent a couple of hours during that period putting stitches back on the needles…  This is what happens when I get cocky with knitting…sigh  I had reached the point … Continue reading

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    I almost dropped my teeth when I found this site!  Knitty Chick … and I can’t even count how many free patterns are on this site… Here’s the one I found looking for free shawl patterns…  and there are sooo … Continue reading

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And the Winner IS…!!!

Judy… of apron strings and other ties that bind  … is the one!  If you will contact me at  I will get the info I need to get this in the mail as soon as possible.  Thank you to all … Continue reading

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300,000+…Free Gift Drawing to Commemorate

When I first began to blog, I had no idea what I even wanted to say.  I just wanted a place to put things that I knew I would forget if I didn’t write them down.  That eventually evolved into … Continue reading

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Ozark Carding Mill, LLC

On Thursday, DH and I had to make a trip to Durant for hot tub supplies…well, guess what… Ozark Carding Mill is now in Durant, OK, having moved from Warsaw, Missouri!  No way could we go to Durant without stopping … Continue reading

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Walking Down the Freezer Aisle… Free pattern

Have you ever gone to the grocery store in the blazing heat of summer…can’t get cool enough…wearing shorts or a light cotton dress?  Even with the kids grown and gone, it seems to take a while to look at everything … Continue reading

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Knitting Linh’s Ivy Scarf… free patterns

I’ve never knit lacy … not that I haven’t tried… It seems that I get about 20 rows in and mess something up and have no earthly idea how to backtrack to fix it… So it gets frogged back to … Continue reading

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Lining a Purse/Bag…My Way

I finished a little bag yesterday on my Pocket Weaver.   I decided I wanted to line it and make it into a small purse, so I did.  I will probably change the cording to something else and make the straps … Continue reading

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Leno Weave Scarf… FO & Turned-Weft Ikat Weaving Tutorial

I have been down for the count for a couple of days with some kind of allergy/cold… my poor nose is grateful for aloe tissues!  Anyway, I finally finished the leno weave scarf.  This is done with size 10 crochet … Continue reading

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Leno Weave

I noticed that one of the ladies in my Rigid Heddle Weaving Group on Yahoo had tried Leno weaving.  It looked interesting, so I did a search and found the article in WeaveZine called Weaver Manipulated Lace Weaves.  It says this … Continue reading

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