All Sniffled Up and Can’t Go…sigh & Free Quilt Patterns


Today was to be the day for setting up and enjoying the Oil Patch Jamboree… Realized yesterday that I would not be able to go… either early cold or sinus infection…either way, am not too pleased.  But have seen via internet video that the tables DD will set up will be very pretty… not to mention that she will be in the company of her two very handsome sons.. one that just had a 19th birthday and the other just having had his 16th birthday…

In the bottom of this bag is all of my hand spun yarn…in skeins that have been measured and tagged.  I suppose preparing them for sale is one way to organize them all and see what you actually  I was surprised that I had so much and so many varieties.  I truly thought that I had used most of it in projects…guess not!


Checking back on some of the folks who have visited my blog and then following some links here and there, I came across Sentimental Stitches… a quilting blog from Gayle.  Very interesting…easy to navigate. She also has an online store… NAYY  I was fascinated with what she calls her “Midget Block Quilt”.    There are 86 blocks in this quilt and each is different.  She gives all 86 patterns free on her site.  All nicely done and easy to follow… Thank you, Gayle.

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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