300,000+…Free Gift Drawing to Commemorate

When I first began to blog, I had no idea what I even wanted to say.  I just wanted a place to put things that I knew I would forget if I didn’t write them down.  That eventually evolved into 4 blogs…lol  But this one is the one that holds my heart as my spinning/knitting/crochet/weaving/nalbinding/painting/quilting etc..etc..etc.. lol  blog.  You know what I mean.  I just cannot see a new application of a craft without trying it..lol  And now…

Phew… I can’t believe it.  This blog began in December of 2006…that’s 22 months ago.  Some time during the night last night it turned over it’s 300,000th hit.  I can only say that I thank every one of you that stops by to see what’s up.  Words fail me. 

So for the next 3 days…that’s one day for every 100,000 hits… I will monitor the comments then at the end of the 3 days .. on Saturday morning… I will place all of the comments into a hat and have my wonderful DH draw one out.   That person will then be mailed this hand painted (by me) ceramic egg with the accompanying stand as an appreciation gift. 

And yes… this is a shameless way of finding out who some of those many wonderful lurkers are out there.   ;o)

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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4 Responses to 300,000+…Free Gift Drawing to Commemorate

  1. Judy says:

    Hey there! Can’t believe I’m first to post. I am a sometime lurker, sometime commenter…and wouldn’t miss the op to win that beautiful egg. I’ve loved your blog since finding it and am always inspired by what I see. You’ve added a spinning wheel, loom and drop spindles to my wish list. I appreciate the link to “How to make a drop spindle”. I plan on trying my hand at it soon. Congrats on such a successful blogging experience. Keep those entries coming. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Kubenka says:

    I don’t remember how I found your blog, but all the free pattern sites you post have served as great inspiration to me. I love reading your trials, tribulations and successes in your crafting endeavors. People like you keep people like me inspired and on task!

  3. I read your blogs every other day or so and I really enjoy them.

  4. Anne Sweeney says:

    I have been surfing through your blog pages and find lots of ideas. I love the egg and whoever wins it will be lucky to have a fine piece of art. I, like you,do pretty much any craft that catches my fancy. Currently I am crocheting. Have LOTS of WIPS and lots more on my wish list. Congrats on your successful blog.

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