Off The Loom

Nine Patch..hand spun, kool aid dyed, hand woven

My DH asked me not long ago to try to make something that was entirely hand done by me… so this is it.  The only thing that was not hand spun is the sewing machine thread that it is sewn with. 

I finished the weaving after it reached 80″ long and cut it off the loom.  Then the fabric was cut into twelve 5 1/2″ squares with a 16″ piece done in black/gray Icelandic wool that will be cut into strips for the edging.  

The embroidery is being done using a spindle spun single with the red being mixed wool and the gold being bamboo/mohair/wool mix.

Nine Patch Embroidery


I worked on this last night and found that using the single (this is the first time I have worked with single spun anything) was much easier than I expected.  I have some more mixed wool on the spindle now that will be dyed to use for more embroidery thread in other colors.  This is definitely a “seat of the pants” design as I did not sit down and plan it out. 

Now that I am closing in on finishing it, I am wishing that I had kept a sliver of each yarn used so I could put it in a journal… I guess I will have to go through the cut off scrap edges and see if I can find enough to show the different yarns used…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Off The Loom

  1. Judy says:

    it’s beautiful!
    i bet hubby was pleased!

  2. Marguerite says:

    It’s fun when they want something you’ve made, isn’t it? Mine has put in a request for a book — not a blank one, one with content — so I’m looking forward to that as soon as he provides me with the content!

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