Pam Kellogg… New Inspirational Format

For some time I have blogged about how much I love the embroidery patterns designed by Pam Kellogg.   Hers is one of the sites I check most often to see what’s up on my network of  “thread and yarn addicts”…lol…  I was a little worried as weeks on end went by and nothing was posted on her site!  Then one day there it was…ta da… a note that said that she was no longer designing professionally, but was re-formatting her site as an inspirational site. 

copyright © Pam Kellogg

copyright © Pam Kellogg

It’s now called Kitty and Me presents Illuminate .. I love it.  You should drop over and say hello and look at her wonderful work.  She still has the occasional free stitching pattern and the eye candy makes my mouth drool.   While you are there, click on her icon for her Etsy shop.  She has put many of her stitch designs for crazy quilt seams into a book that is available now in her shop. 

Have a look….

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