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Falling Waters Scarf … free knitting pattern

I tried several different things using my bamboo/wool handspun, but nothing seemed to look good.  But when I finally tried this Falling Waters Scarf pattern by Bonnie Sennott, it was as if this very thing is what it was spun for.  … Continue reading

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Nalbinding Needles, New Bag and Pillow Top

  I finished my first two color nalbinding project a couple of days ago.  My uncle was kind enough to whittle me two new needles with his pocket knife… the top two long ones.  The top white one is deer … Continue reading

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Henry Glass & Co. .. free quilt patterns

  I pulled out one of my old quilt magazines… March 2007  The Quilter… and saw an advertisement for Henry Glass and Co.  They have a web site so I looked it up.  Please be aware… I am in no … Continue reading

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Hand Cream… Almost Recipe

In a couple of my spinning/weaving groups the discussion has turned to dry, cracked and painful hands during the winter.   My DH and I have tried several things and one of the best things we have found is Aveeno.  But even tho … Continue reading

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Bad Weaving and Learning New Stitches .. free knitting pattern

I popped over to Barbara Breiter’s site Knitting on the Net  and checked out her free patterns.  There was a scarf pattern using a stitch  called the faggot stitch.  I didn’t have the size yarn that she used in her … Continue reading

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Second Sock and Broomstick Lace

I finished the second sock of the “too small” DH socks… This is one mistake that I don’t really mind since they fit me…lol   After 2 pair and several frogging trips, I think I am tired of this colorway.. ;o)  … Continue reading

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Feeling Better

  After spending all of the holidays with the flu, DH and I are both feeling almost human again.  We went to the grocery store yesterday and then made a side trip to the local 1/2 price book store.   I … Continue reading

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