Hand Cream… Almost Recipe

In a couple of my spinning/weaving groups the discussion has turned to healingbutterdry, cracked and painful hands during the winter.   My DH and I have tried several things and one of the best things we have found is Aveeno.  But even tho it is one of the best around, it does not have the healing essential oil Balsam of Peru in it.   Keeping in mind that DH is diabetic and we cannot have his fingers or his heels dry and splitting, I almost had a fit yesterday when he told me that his finger had a dry split that went all the way to the meat of his finger!  So I went into the kitchen and put about

1/4 cup shea butter,
1/4 cup  mango butter,
 1/8 cup rose hip oil,
1 tbsp. Vitamin E oil
2 tbsp. emulsifying wax
in a microwave safe bowl.  I microwaved it until everything was melted and then stirred it gently as it cooled to about 120 degrees.  Then I began to beat it on slow with a hand held mixer as I slowly added
1/4 cup water that had been brought to 120 degrees.  As the water is added, the color will immediately change to white and it will begin to thicken.  When all of the water had been added, I turned up the speed of the mixer to high and added
1/2 oz. of Balsam of Peru essential oil
1/2 oz of Germabin II
then continued to beat on high until everything had cooled to about 90 degrees.  

This body butter does not contain any glycerin, therefore it has a greasy feel.  Glycerin is a humectant and will draw humidity from anything it is around… including your already dry skin.  So I did not put any in this.  It does have an oily feel, but that goes away in a few minutes and it is much better for DH’s hands and heels.  The Balsam of Peru is a very healing essential oil that is found in one of the most effective healing sprays on the market.   

This recipe is an “almost” recipe… It is the same with my biscuit recipe.. I put in whatever looks like about a tbsp or so…or 1/2 c. or so.. I seldom ever measure anything.  So if you try this.. please be aware that the measurements are approximate.

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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