Of Hats, Socks, Quilts and Things

Elizabeth Zimmerman Worshop Hat


This is a hat that I had planned to make for our son that lives up north in Cold Country… ;o)  After I got the Elizabeth Zimmerman books, I followed several of the suggestions she made in her Workshop book.  This one is not quite as heavy as the one I have already sent him, but perhaps it will fit better…





Remember these socks..?? They are the first ones I ever made for my sweet DH and can you tell that he uses them every night to sleep in?  I finally ran out of the green Wool Ease that I knitted them from and had to go to another yarn for the darning.  I think they have done their due , so I am now knitting a replacement pair. 

Vanna's Choice Sleep Socks

This time I am using Vanna’s Choice acrylic… in the hopes that it won’t be quite as easily rubbed away as the Wool Ease.  He wanted to tops to be longer, but not as long as his day socks.  I also did the Elizabeth Zimmerman thing here and calculated the gauge using the needle size and yarn I wanted against the size of his foot that I measured… I will soon be at the point where he can put them on and see how close my calculations are..



This is the embroidery work that I am doing for Hannah’s quilt.  I have to really watch myself because I REALLY want to do things like ribbon roses and acrylic painting in the orange squares… and then would worry myself silly thinking that she will be chewing on it!  Perhaps I will wait until she is older to do all that…lol


I love these markers!  I finally figured out how to make my own.  They are so light weight and will fit several size needles up to about a size 11.  I made several sets using up some beads I already have… and will be making more… I think I have found a new addiction!  Oh no!  ;o)

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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1 Response to Of Hats, Socks, Quilts and Things

  1. I love your art! They really look snug and warm…pretty too.

    Ruth Petty

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