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Weaving, Card Weaving, Naalbinding and Knitting…Busy, Busy

I finished the blue cotton weaving I did as place mats and  decided that I like it better as a runner.   I didn’t wash it in the washing machine, but I did handwash it in very hot water and soap, … Continue reading

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Naalbinding Lace

I really love naalbinding, but I get tired of the solid (but very warm) pieces of fabric that it makes.  I’ve seen a lot of things…doilies, tablecloths, etc… that have shown up on the net that are lacy and wonderful…and … Continue reading

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Dyeing Shocker!

I finished spinning enough Corriedale to make a warp for the Corriedale/Alpaca … with the thought to weave a scarf.   I was looking for a way to come up with green… you know… blue and yellow make green.  Well..believe me…grape … Continue reading

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Spinning Alpaca and Corriedale

We had a weekend visit with daughter and son-in-law … love that… The only problem is that they never last long enough.  :o) I have been spinning a lot for the last couple of days. Bev and Kent had never seen … Continue reading

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Cable Needle Ring? … free pattern/tutorial

I haven’t done a lot of cabling since I began my knitting adventures, but will have to try it now.  I found this wonderful idea at Pie Knits, so I just took off  to the work room and made me … Continue reading

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Reversible Apron… And A Lot of Free Apron Patterns

Yesterday I went to my work room to whip up a quick clothespin apron like my grandmother used to wear when she was hanging out clothes.  Well… that’s all well and good, but this project all of a sudden  turned … Continue reading

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Vacation?…Hannah’s Quilt is done.. Hussif!

We left on Thursday for a mix of vacation and dental work to Bull Shoals, AR.  What a trip.  DH began to catch a cold on the way…by Day 2 I had it…DH  is now running a fever.  By Day … Continue reading

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Christy’s Creations… free tutorial… tea wallet

I only had a few minutes today to do any sewing, but I have really been wanting to make one of these for a while.   I missed my cousin’s birthday and while we don’t usually exchange gifts at birthdays, this … Continue reading

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Baby Sunbonnet Sue and Overall patterns

More free Sunbonnet Sue patterns… and many more embroidery patterns.  Sue’s Treehouse  is a terrific site for embroidery patterns…   The embroidery patterns for the baby animals  remind me of the quilt I made for my oldest son before he was … Continue reading

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Weaving Placemats and Hannah’s Quilt Update

I decided to weave DH a bath mat yesterday, but when I started to warp the loom I ran out of the warp I wanted to use… Well, after spending a LONG time trying to fix it, I decided enough is … Continue reading

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