Reversible Apron… And A Lot of Free Apron Patterns

Yesterday I went to my work room to whip up a quick clothespin apron likeapronreversible my grandmother used to wear when she was hanging out clothes.  Well… that’s all well and good, but this project all of a sudden  turned into a larger reversible apron to wear while cooking… how does that happen?  Anyway, it did and everything went along really well until I started to sew the top to the bottom and realized that I had not left a seam allowance to do that..!! It was put on the shelf until today since I was just not in the mood for a seam ripper at that moment….  If you are in an apron making mood, try looking at all the 50+ free patterns that has listed here.

chocolatemerinolambhomespunSo I came back inside and decided to double ply  the last …sob!… of the Chocolate Merino Lamb pencil roving that I had finished spinning the night before.  It was on the Niddy Noddy so I rolled it on my thumb into a center pull ball and began to try to ply it… but something seemed to be really out of kilter with my spinning wheel.  When I couldn’t find the problem, I got out my Ashford beginner’s spindle  and started to ply it with that.  Then sweet DH came along and… wondering what I was doing…checked out the spinning wheel.  It seems that when I put the bobbin on I did not check it and had left a rubber band on the whorl end of it.  (I use a rubber band on the top whorl ends  between two bobbins to put a little tension on them when I am plying using two  bobbins. )  Anyway, at long last it is finished, washed with shampoo and  condidtioned with conditioner… Can’t decide whether to be happy or upset that it’s  finally all spun up…lol

spinningflaxNow I’m back again to that flax… deep sigh.   I think I have figured it out, though.  It would really be nice to have a spinning whiz around to ask questions…but alas…not.  Anyway, I have read that as it is finished and washed it becomes less stiff…and I certainly hope so because this stuff is like soft wire!  This is all I had time to do last night before bedtime, but will try to fill this bobbin today.  Can’t wait to see how it works up.  Since this is a vegetable fiber and not protein, I don’t know for sure how I will dye it.  Kool Aid won’t work with vegetable fibers…

There is a possibility that one of our daughters and her husband will be here for a visit this weekend..Yayy… so if I don’t get back to say it… Have a great weekend…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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