Spinning Alpaca and Corriedale

We had a weekend visit with daughter and son-in-law … love that… The only problem is that they never last long enough.  :o)

I have been spinning a lot for the last couple of days. Bev and Kent had never seen a spinning wheel work, soooo…lol  And if I ever start spinning it takes a few days of constant spinning…or running out of wool… for me to stop. 

 I have just about run out of my wool stashwool50alpaca50 so am down to spinning the alpaca and wool that I bought over a year ago that had more VM in it than I thought it should.  I have since learned that unless the wool is bought from a professional source, it will usually have a bit of VM in it.  It does (for the most part) come out as it is spun, but I still find it to be a hassle… don’t like it.  

The alpaca was spun first, then the Corriedale and then they were plyed together.  I will be dyeing this, but haven’t decided what color yet.  I want to use green to make the brown Alpaca a heather color, but not sure how it would look plyed together with a lime green wool…lol  May have to cut a piece and dye it to see.  Altogether this came out to 134 yards of                   50%wool/50% alpaca. 

weavingplacemats2The placemat weaving is continuting.  I have decided to cut out most of the floats since I want the plates to sit flat on the mat.   Don’t want the cups of tea to tip when I (graceful that I am) put the glass down with tip of the glass on the raised weave…  Anyway, this is how it is coming.  I am thinking I may just weave a really long piece and then wash it to see how much this cotton shrinks…then cut and hem.  That way I will have accurate measurements.

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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