Weaving, Card Weaving, Naalbinding and Knitting…Busy, Busy

bluecottonrunnerI finished the blue cotton weaving I did as place mats and  decided that I like it better as a runner.   I didn’t wash it in the washing machine, but I did handwash it in very hot water and soap, wringing it out before hanging it on the line.  It did shrink a little… which is good… it needed a little fulling to tighten the weave a bit.  It did not shrink excessively and it did not fade.  The colors did not run.  I had read in one of the forums that Lily’s Sugar and Cream  yarns were very bad about both..shrinking and having the colors fade and run… Not so in this case…


I am still working on this scarf… just not very quickly…lol  I’m not quite sure where I want to go with it and with naalbinding you can’t just pull out the stitches and start again from a certain point.   Naalbinding backwards to remove the stitches is not my favorite thing..lol   Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing if this turns into a real scarf or a skinny minny because I am too afraid to mess it up… ;o)


The EZ Pi Shawl is what I work on while watching television at night.  It is growing ever so slowly now that the each row is 624 stitches.  I finally used the last of the first ball of mixed wool singles.  These last 2 balls did not dye quite as dark as the first one so I will have to re-dye the entire thing when I am finished. In the mean time, I am excited to see it growing and wondering  how far this ball will go. 


This card weaving was started yesterday.  The story behind this is… I am forever leaving my purse  somewhere..usually miles away before I miss it.  Not good…

After looking into wrist wallets I have decided to make my own.  That’s where this comes in.. as the wrist band to hold it on if I decide to make one that will fit like a wrist watch and have the wallet dangle.   I am not very good at card weaving yet, but I guess it’s like most things…with a little practice I will figure out how to remember which direction I am turning the cards..lol  And the edges… well we won’t discuss that at this stage.. But I do like how it is turning out even with thecardweaving20091 imperfections.  I find card weaving to be completely fascinating.  And the strength of this band is amazing.  I am using a red and a variegated green crochet cotton #10 thread for this and I truly believe this could be used as reins for horses or even saddle straps.  I don’t think there is anything that could break this band.  Amazing.  And from cards cut from cereal boxes and a bit of string… wow…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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5 Responses to Weaving, Card Weaving, Naalbinding and Knitting…Busy, Busy

  1. taelixev says:

    The card weaving looks great! I like how you made the cards.

  2. Marguerite says:

    Never come across card weaving before … where do you learn about it?

  3. Linda S. says:

    Thank you, taelixev… I really enjoy card weaving, but just don’t seem to have time for all the things I like to do..lol

    Marguerite, there are several sites online that teach the basics of card weaving. I think http://www.primitive.org/weaving.htm is where I got the instructions for this one.
    http://www.earthguild.com/products/riff/rcdweave.htm is another good one.
    http://www.theloomybin.com/cw/doc/whatiscardweaving.html is good, but not really detailed enough for a beginner…
    I became interested in medieval hand work and found naalbinding first, then card weaving, then stick weaving, then sprang..lol and on and on … it’s a bottomless pit..lol

  4. taelixev says:

    Tell me about it! 😀 I always think if I could just figure out a way to make lots of money doing my crafts instead of working… lol. I’m still trying to find time to start weaving.

  5. I like how your strap is coming out! It looks really great! I also like the table runner. I’ve been wanting to knit one, but, like a lot of things, I haven’t gotten around to it yet….

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