Cardweaving and Crochet



The “Moustache” cardweaving is finished.  Since I don’t have the hardware to finish it as a dog leash right now,  I have braided the ends.  I will be picking up the hardware in a few days.    It is 69 1/2″ long with the braided fringe, so I think even if one end of braid is cut off to attach the hardware it will still be long enough.   If you are interested in card weaving, click here to go to the page I used to learn the process.   Thanks to Bart and Robin Blankenship for all the work of putting that page up…




The Berka Shell Doily from the South Maid Timeless Doilies to Crochet pattern book  is also now finished.  This had been one of my favorite doily patterns for several years.   I have made many of them, but it seems that everything I make winds up gifted to someone…so there is not one to be found in my house!  I think I may keep this one…lol This one is exactly 12 inches across.




This is the Rainbow Star Doily from the same book.  This is the first time I have crocheted this one, but it is high on my list of favorites now  Am I fickle or what???  This is a smaller doily and has only a 9″ diameter. 






I liked the Rainbow Star so much I decided I would probably like the rest of them too… so … this is the beginning of the Pinwheel doily from the same book.  This one is now 13 inches across is not even half finished…just wait to see what the edges look like!…so it will be quite large and suitable for a centerpiece on a formal table.


The EZ Pi shawl is still being knitted on and is growing quite steadily, but there are times when I have to have a break from the constant knit

I hope every had as wonderful a Mother’s Day as I did.  There was nothing specific that DH and I did…home all day crocheting, knitting, and watching the television…but has calls from all the kids..and my brother.  Lovely day…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Cardweaving and Crochet

  1. Benita says:

    Having had carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago, I can tell you the way you can tell if it is carpal tunnel is if your thumb, index finger, middle finger and the middle finger half of your ring finger go numb. If so, then it’s carpel tunnel, if not, then it’s something else. If it is your pinkie and the pinkie half of the ring finger, then it’s your elbow. Seriously! Elbow problems can make part of your hand go numb. Cool how nerves are rigged up!

    I love your card weaving – that’s something I am longing to try, once I can get everything else under control, that is. 😉

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks, Benita. My sister had carpal tunnel surgery also, but I was never sure just how that worked… you’re a jewel! I think you would love card is so easy and quick to do. You can also use wool yarns to make very soft belts or sew strips together to make purses or afghans…so wonderful for such an easy and inexpensive craft…

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