New Wool… at last… (free scarf pattern)

We made a trip to Durant yesterday and replenished the wool supply.  I loveOzarkMillsWool to go to Ozark Carding Mills, LLC … the only problem is that I can spend us into bankruptcy in just a few minutes…lol 

The cotton in the upper left of the picture is just a small sample she gave to see if I liked to spin it.  She said it is much easier to spin in this form than the cotton balls that I have tried before.   As luck would have it, she still had some of the chocolate (she calls it moorit) merino lamb.. yayyy   This time I also bought some merino white.  There are no plans for any of this right now, but I thought I might try to blend some of the silk with the merino white… 8 oz white merino with 2 oz. silk.  I think that would make a terrific scarf in whatever color it decided it wanted to be.  Maybe even a small shawl. 

CotswoldSpinningBefore I took the above picture I had already pulled the Cotswold out of the bag.  This is the first time I have done Cotswold and find it relatively easy to spin.  This has rug planning written all over it.  This is definitely NOT for use against the skin.  I suppose it could be used for an over-the-clothes sweater, but the wrist and neck might be a bit scratchy.  Anyway.. we’ll see what it turns out to be. 


I’m afraid the Linh’s Ivy Scarf will have to be put on hold indefinitely.  My right hand and arm have developed something quite painful… I think it is a combination of the constant computer use and the small knitting needles… We are no longer doing the LRRP Ranger Association newsletter so that should help some.   I have decided to put all the small needle knitting aside until I see for sure what is happening.  Sure hate this… I was really looking forward to seeing this finished… hand spun wool plyed with polyester machine embroidery thread (very shiny)… (This pattern was found via Ravelry… one of my favorite places on the web… ;o)



Using the size 10 knitting needles to do these two cotton wash cloths didn’t seem to hurt my hand as much as the smaller needles did, but can’t honestly say it was painless… sigh..  Oh well.. will just have to leave the knitting alone for a while. 




This flax was removed from my spinning wheel so I could begin the Cotswold.  There isn’t much of it, but I find that spinning flax is just not my thing right now.  This is very stiff and I am thinking that is because it needs to be woven and then finished with a hot water wash.  I think I will make a bookmark on my small loom and see how it turns out.  I don’t know if tea or coffee will dye it, but I’m sure going to try it….


It’s a lovely day outside today… sunny and green… what a lovely Sunday… Hope everyone has a good day…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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  1. Handicrafts says:

    A blue and green long silk scarf with an elegant seacrest background with dazzling blue woven throughout the Belisi Luxe Paisley Pattern. Handicrafts

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