Wonderful Vacation…Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson, AZ

We are home at last from two weeks of vacation.  Tired and happy.  We got to see that wonderful new grandbaby, Hannah, and what a little beauty she is… ChuckHannah2062009

Of course there is no way I could be a bit prejudiced…lol … but I truly believe she is the most lovely little girl since my own little lovely daughter.. who is still lovely after 4 grown sons!  

On our way through Arizona we stayed at Best Western Motels (NAYY) and guess what!??  You can earn points that make the prices cheaper for later stays… and the last room we stayed in was a suite.. for the price of just a regular room.. that was great!  And again… NAYY.  I just thought I would pass that bit of info on for anyone else who is planning a vacation… Check your favorite  motels and hotels out… they may offer the same savings…

I found a website online for a fiber, yarn and spinning wheel studio in Tucson, AZ.  We stopped and I was soooo tickled to get to meet another spinner.   


Meet Donna…of Grandma’s Spinning Wheel  in Tucson, Arizona.  She has been a spinner since the ’70s when the only thing around that talked about spinning was the magazine Spin Off.  For someone like me who spins because I love it, I found it amazing that she was a professional spinner who could spin a pound of wool in an hour! She took the time to show me the joys of spinning on several different kinds of spinning wheels. 

 One was a Majacraft…


This  was a great little wheel that would be wonderful for someone in a small apartment or house.  It doesn’t take up much space and boy! does it spin.  It has double treadles.. and that was new to me since my Kromski Prelude is a single treadle.  I really enjoyed the flyer on this little wheel.  It does not have hooks for your yarn.  Instead, it has a small curly-cue of wire that you hook your yarn through and when you want to move down your bobbin, you just press the two sides together and move it.  This gives you infinite moves to fill the bobbin  instead of the designated moves of the hooks.  Makes for smoother bobbin fill and more yards per bobbin…hmm

This is the Ashford Elizabeth.  


 What a beauty!  Since I am accustomed to a single treadle, I really liked the large treadle on this wheel.  I suppose you could use both feet on it if you like.  I did find that it was a little stiffer to treadle than my Prelude, but in all fairness, Donna told me that I may have to fiddle with the tension a bit.  I could sure get used to seeing this lovely in my den..lol   Love the look of this wheel!

And now… my favorite of all… the Kromski Sonata…


This wheel also has the double treadles.  Donna had to remind me a bit to slow down my treadling.  But once I got the hang of it, boy was it smooth.  The treadles were smooth and easy … no stiffness,  hanging up or bobbing … great!  I have not wanted a castle style wheel until now.  I am thinking this will be my next wheel! 

There was such a selection of fibers! 


I had a really hard time deciding which ones I wanted…lol  I finally decided on this beautiful merino/silk.  I’m sure you notice in the pic that I couldn’t wait to try spinning it…soooo… I had my son that lives in Mesa, AZ  dig around and find the spindle I made and sent to him..then I stole it..lol  (With a promise to send him another one!)   This stuff spins like a dream!  I think I have enough to spin up some almost gossamer weight that I will knit into a shawl.  I can hardly wait… (And yes… I am having a hard time keeping myself from knitting… I think I may have to just live with the discomfort in my wrist and arm…sigh) 

Did I tell you that Donna is a weaver too?


  With a Rigid Heddle Loom…  ;o)   She had a jacket on her loom when we were there…what a beauty.   Watching her was a definite inspiration.  So… I bought a new boat shuttle.  She said it makes weaving  much easier.  I have not had time to try it yet, but you can bet I will in the next few days.. ;o) 

The time to leave came wayyy too soon…


I must apologize since I seem to have lost the card they gave me that has both their names on it… I showed it to so many people that I’m sure I have left it somewhere…sigh  Oh well… maybe they will stop in when they are in Tucson!  ;o) 

This was such a lovely place… warm, friendly and welcoming.  I was invited back for the Spin-In they have every Thursday and I had planned to stop on the way back home….but I think my sweet DH was really ready to start home and make some time, so on we came.  But you can bet that next time we are in Tuscon I will plan for it to be on a Thursday…lol






About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Wonderful Vacation…Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson, AZ

  1. I just came across your blog about our shop, Grandma’s Spinning Wheel. Thank you for all the kind words; we are always happy to hear when someone finds us and enjoys their experience at our shop. I am sorry that Vicky and I were at the Black Sheep festival in Eugene, Oregon when you were in and that we did not get to meet you. I am glad that you had a good time with Donna. Incidentally, Donna was Vicky’s spinning instructor 25 years ago at another shop that is long gone, and they reconnected shortly after we opened our shop. She has become a great friend and a real asset to the shop. I hope that we will see you when you are next in Tucson.
    Michael & Vicky Konecky
    owners, Grandma’s Spinning Wheel
    6544 E. Tanque Verde Rd., Ste 150
    Tucson, AZ 85715
    (520) 290-3738
    email: Spinningramma@aol.com
    website: Grandmasspinningwheel.com

  2. Donna says:

    IT was truly a pleasure and great fun showing you all the wheels and watching your totaly enjoyment that makes any instructor happy and the reason we keep teaching .
    Pop on in any thurs and sit and spin with us… 🙂

    How was the new grand baby ?
    Take care

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