Tour de Fleece

tdf_2009_badgeIt’s time once again for Tour de Fleece to begin on July 4th.  I have decided to join in the fun this year and since Katherine says to set our own goals…  mine will be to finish spinning that pesky flax roving that is sitting in my stash basket smirking at me.  ;o)   I REALLY DO NOT LIKE spinning  flax.  Perhaps it will be like the first thing I ever actually finished crocheting… once that first one (that took about a dozen tries and a couple of years) was finished, I have never looked back and have made many lovely things.  I am hoping the flax will accomplish the same for me. 

This will be my first Tour de Fleece, but the challenge has been a yearly one since 2007.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  If you would like to enter the challenge, just click on the Le Tour de Fleece 2009 icon above and it will take to the  Tour  de Fleece   site.  Leave a message letting Katharine know you would like to participate and that’s it… ;o)

As for my pc… it returned home yesterday. And  is it ever wonderful.   Much faster, better graphics… the works.. 

 However, I did not get the Cotswold dyed.  Too much time spent putting together desks, etc… DH decided we needed to get rid of the large wooden desks and put up new smaller ones that can be swept under.  I have to admit to being a little upset over the deal since I really liked my desk… mess and all.   But in the long run, I have to say that I am actually happier now with the smaller one.  NO MORE MESS.  And Kevin, our pc guy, says that with the removal of the carpet and the change in the desks, our pcs will be happier too.  Less heat and less dirt .. hmmm  Still a lot of work to be done, so no pics today.  Maybe tomorrow…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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