Snail/Mushroom Quilt Block is Coming Along

Snail Quilt PatternThere are a few things in life that seem to just resonate within one’s soul.  I guess this little snail snuggled up underneath the mushroom has always done that for me.  He has been a staple in my little artistic doodles for a long time.

The block is finally taking shape.  The a/c was turned on, temp dropped down to shiver, all the mess was cleared out and work began in earnest yesterday.


After the pieces were cut from the fabric, small pieces of left over quilt batting were used to pad most of the pieces.  Each piece was cut to fit it’s particular piece of the pattern.  I considered just one large piece of batting and decided that would not work…some of them I did not want padded.


I am wishing that I had used a small floral or some other pink than the plaid…but alas…too late now.  The dark brown will be nodes on top of the mushroom; the light brown will be rocks in front of the grass….

I have spent an hour or so today figuring what the other blocks will be to  to a complete a quilt of 96 “x 118”.

Another good thing happened today as far as my workroom is concerned.  We gave away the extra refrigerator/freezer that was out there.  It came in very handy a few years ago around the holidays, but since we only have family visit every several years (enough to warrant using that fridge), we felt like it just drained too much electricity .  Anyway, now there is more room and some more rearranging can be done…woohoo..!!

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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