How to… Easy Peasy Quilt Design Wall

QuiltingDesignWallTableclothA quilt design wall was always high on my agenda of   “going to do” things…but  could never decide to do it until… “the wall is painted”… “I have the money”… “are we going to move??” … etc, etc, ad infinitum…  Have you ever done that? 

Today I googled once again to see how to do it… and came up with this wonderful idea from Suite .  Down in the list is a suggestion for using an old (or new) plastic tablecloth with the fuzzy backing… and guess what… it works great!  I just grabbed the old tablecloth out of a drawer where it has sat growing dustballs for 3 years, opened a package of thumbtacks and voila! .. in about 3 minutes flat had a design wall.   How cool is that?  I will be looking for another tablecloth as this one is round, but you can see that for as far along as I am right now, this one works fine.

After just a few seconds of looking at this I can already tell there are a few things I will change.  I had no idea just how much being able to stand back and look at everything would change your perspective.

There are some other suggestions.  I have some old flannel sheets that I thought about using, but I think a king size is a little too large for the wall area that I have.  Another suggestion was to mark it with a grid for the lining up of the blocks.  I’m not sure I will try that as I am forever getting off when trying to draw lines on a piece of paper… ;o)  But it’s worth looking into. 

Have a sew happy day…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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1 Response to How to… Easy Peasy Quilt Design Wall

  1. LynnM says:

    It’s the same around here when it comes to having a place for a design wall, but I did get two of the smallest insulation boards from the hardware store, wrapped it with batting (duct taped to the back), and leaned it against the wall. To make it higher, I stacked some supply boxes underneath, and this was in the hallway, because I didn’t have space in my room. Now I have a larger room, even less wall space, but have it propped on the hearth in front of the fireplace in the room. You have to do whatever works for you.

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