Ready to Quilt and Tour de Fleece

The Snail/Mushroom quilt is ready to quilt.  I made the changes that ISnailMushroomQuilt6 referred to in my earlier post.  Must say it one more time… the ability to walk away and look at the quilt in progress is much more essential than I first thought.  The pink is still a little overwhelming, I think.  But it is calmed down a little with the change in the color of the shell, the addition of the spots on the mushroom and the ..alas… forgotten 

The backing is the dark blue that is the background for the heart blocks and will have a very small edge for binding over the blue  edge. Unless I change my mind again… ;o)  When I was trying out colors I found that I also like a yellow that is a little deeper than the hearts and will also look good.  Jury still out.



In the evening I am spinning away trying to make my goal for the Tour de Fleece. This is not a new pic.. I now have only 2 rounds of pencil roving left and should be able to finish it up tonight.  Tomorrow is the deadline and it seems that Lance Armstrong has conceded defeat to a team mate…but in my personal opinion… third is not


May not get much done on the quilt today.  Will be putting heat resistant film over our office windows today.  There are at least 18 feet of windows in here..facing west.  The afternoon Texas sun is a bit bright even with the shades drawn.  Here’s hoping this energy efficient, heat blocking film works.

Have a great weekend…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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