Please Get Permission….

I have put several free patterns that were created by me  up on this site.  They were uploaded with the thought in mind that others j0210200might like to use them.  If they are  used  for personal use… that’s great.  If they are  used  to sell the products ..well… I hope  millions are made,  all the kids are sent to college and that 4th house in Tuscany is available to be bought.  The fact is that those patterns were done easily by me.  I did not have to take a lot of notes, work out all the sizes and combinations that would work for everyone in the universe.  

I put links up to many free patterns.  I do this because I feel that if I enjoy these patterns then my readers will probably enjoy them also.  I have blogged about this before….. These patterns are put out there for our enjoyment.  Some of them are copyrighted.  Some may not be formally copyrighted, but there is such thing as Creative Commons.   If a person feels that they want to use a pattern for profit of any kind…. PLEASE BE SURE TO GET PERMISSION FROM THE CREATOR!   Just because there is  a link to a pattern or a site and the word “free” is used does not mean that it is free for commercial manufacture.  The owner of this site cannot give you permission to use the pattern for profit.  Only the creator can do that. 

It is too sad that the reason for this post is misuse of one of the most popular patterns that is linked to here on Fabric Follies Two.

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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