Free Quilt, Crafty, My Tablet Weaving and SAFF

Thought I would drop in and let everyone know that Free Quilt has some new quilt patterns on their awesome site of hundred or more free quilt patterns… SnowmanQuilted


I’m using the little snowman clipart to remind myself that there are only about 70 days left before Christmas.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be done early…lol  Have only known that feeling once in my life and wonder if I will ever know it

Have a look at the quilt patterns… they’re great…





I finished building the swift and  was surprised how easy it was to do.  Works like a charm.  I have to thank Crafty Diversions  for the terrific tutorial.  My DH and I put our heads together and made an upright stand to put it on after I took this picture.  Then … in my infinite questionable wisdom… I decided to stain and varnish it.  Big mistake.  It was a smooth as glass… Now it’s more like the treasured plants of the Mojave Desert… sigh   All of it will have to be totally sanded again.  I used the wrong type polyrethane to do the final coat.  Anyway…it will again look like this.  And what a wonderful tool….





I’ve been weaving some more on my large inkle loom.  I’ve found that as I use it I have learned that moving the warp is not nearly the job that I thought it would be.  It must be grasped in two places, pull down with left hand and up with right hand and it moves very smoothly over the pegs.  Love it.  This long sampler piece is great.  Just wish I lived near someone proficient in card weaving.. Would be so much fun to work together. 






DH and I went to Ozark Mills a couple of weeks ago for another fiber fix.  Gail was overloaded with wonderful colors of wool.  I bought the merino shown in the photo and some bright yellow Romney.  They were packing the trailer and getting ready to leave for SAFF. … Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Fletcher,  North Carolina.  This will be October 23rd, 24th, 25th  so if you live in the area or are on vacation that way…stop by and say hello…

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Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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