Crochet and Crazy Quilt

I find myself with LOTS of crochet thread.  The thought ran through my mind the other day to try that thing I’ve always thought about… crochet a table cloth.  So… out came all the pattern books…patiently went through each one… 5 times.  I picked up the #7 hook and some white thread and tried out one of the squares for a lovely table cloth and immediately pulled it out.  Using same hook I went back to the tried and true, trusted doily book and voila’….  we have a doily.   I realized that it would be a very easy crochet to do the table cloth.. and then I realized that I have about 14 projects already started.   So.. against my impulsive desires .. I put the idea on the back burner for a while and pulled out…

My crazy quilt that I started last year and have not touched since I put it down during the holidays.  I know this will be a long-term project, so I decided to finish this before I start another one.

Have I told you about this quilt?  I decided that this quilt will be a memory quilt of our yard and the time that we have lived here.   Leaves were picked from every tree.  I spread acrylic paint in several colors across the back of the leaves and then pressed them in different areas on the quilt.  Pieces of the fabric are from drapery valances.

Then I found some bird appliques at JoAnn’s and some butterflies that came off a little doo dad that I’ve had for about 15 years or so to show the kinds of birds and butterflies.   The needle tatting was learned while living here so I’ve put several pieces of that on it.  There will be embroidery of things of importance that have happened here… knowing full well going in that it will be impossible to put everything on it.  But it will be fun and a good journal anyway.. ;o)

Hurricane Hermine made an appearance here yesterday and the night before.  Hwy 75 was blocked for 6 hours last night because an electricity pole was pushed over onto a truck during a tornado/downburst about 3pm yesterday.  I can’t even imagine a 6 hour traffic jam… ughh  We continued under a tornado watch until 1 am, but I’m afraid I was spending most of the night up and down feeling rather poorly … so that watch went unheeded for the most part.   Today the sun is shining and I haven’t checked the radar to see what’s up for today.  We really needed the rain, but the flooding downtown always causes some to have to be rescued… as was the case yesterday.  But as long as no one is injured… all’s good.

Have a good day today… smile lots and get a lot of smiles in return… ;o)

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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