Confessions of a Fiber Enthusiast… Free Patterns too!


Confessions of a Fiber Enthusiast … that’s my buddy Pat Blankenship.  She’s been a knitter/spinner/all around fiber person for about 25 years.  In all honesty, I think  we both should rename our sites “Confessions of Fiber Obsessives!”  ;o)   Pat has designed her own shawls and has now turned her attention to hats.  This is a new pattern of hers that I am test knitting.  I’m loving it.  I’m using Andes 100% wool yarn.   The colorway is actually a purple/gold but it shows up in the picture more as a brown gold.  Oh well..   It’s turning out beautifully with good stitch definition.

Pat has one of her shawl patterns as a Free Pattern… here.


On another note… Our Red River Fiber Arts group is preparing for Arts Fest this September to be held in downtown Sherman, TX.  Everyone is working toward filling a booth with items to be sold or raffled.  This is a test for a tiny sweater that can be used as a decoration … perhaps even on a Christmas tree with the right color scarf.. ;o)  This is some left over sock yarn that I’ve had stashed for a least a couple of years.  There is no real pattern.  I will knit a turtle neck collar on it, then perhaps a red flowing scarf.  It will hang on a tiny clothes hanger that I will try to get my sweet DH to make.. ;o)

It looks like rain here this afternoon and evening.  Sure hoping the weather doesn’t interfere with our meet up this afternoon… ;o(

I have to say that I am loving having all the fiber friends our group has rounded up.  If you don’t have a group for your interest or hobby… start one.  You’ll be amazed how many friends you’ll find that share your interests.. ;o)

Have a lovely day!

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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