Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp… Free Tutorial

No.. it’s not a fabric lamp…lol   And I know this is a fabric/yarn/craft blog.  But… The temperatures are beginning to drop here in North Texas.  Real winter is popping up a little more frequently.  We’ve been having electricity flickers and outages more frequently lately… have no idea what’s happening.. ;o/   We keep flashlights handy, but the bad thing about a flashlight is the need for batteries.

When I saw this video by sockermidgit on YouTube… I had to do it.

I first gathered everything I would need.  Non-galvanized clothes hanger, needle nose pliers, 1/2 pint Mason jar, pure olive oil, hand spun flax and my triple twist fringe maker.  Please make sure that whatever wire you use is NOT GALVANIZED.   GALVANIZED WIRE WILL RELEASE TOXIC FUMES DURING THE BURNING PROCESS.  

Cut the wire at least 3 times the height of your container.   Now begin.  The pictures are clickable and download by right clicking the picture, scroll down and click  “save image as”  and then download to where ever you would like to save it.  The images have each step written on it and they  are each numbered.

The first step is gathering your supplies.  This is shown in Pic #1 to the left.

Picture #2 on the right shows how the wick holder is made.


Picture #3 shows the sizing of the wick  holder.

Picture #4 shows how I made the wick using hand spun flax (linen) by plying 2 threads together to make a thicker wick.  You can use almost any natural fiber to make a wick.. including a strip of denim or wool.

Picture #5 shows the placement of the wick in the wick holder.  It should be as close to center as you can make it.  This may mean bending your center coil to one side or the other so the flame itself is center.

Picture #6 shows the measurement of the wick.  There is no need for more wick than is shown.

Now that the wick is in place, fill to the bottom of the center coil with pure olive oil.

This pic just shows the handle I put on my wick holder.  I found that just having the holder lay flat at the top did not give enough to grip.  This is entirely optional.

Now we can light our candle.

And there it is… a lovely warm glow.  I can see several of these lined in a row down the center of the holiday table, surrounded by greenery and holly berries.

Now here is the absolute best part of this lamp.  Olive oil stays cool to the touch.  That is not say that the wick holder will stay cool.. but the olive oil will.  If it is knocked over and spilled, there will be NO FIRE.  Olive oil will suppress the flame.  The only part of the candle that can start a fire is the flame on the wick.. and that is enclosed in the container.   Also… NO SMOKE and NO ODOR…

I love everything about this candle.   It is safe to keep around all the time.  No fear of fire.  Very good emergency lighting or maybe a wonderful warm romantic glow on that anniversary table.. ;o)

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.  ;o)

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp… Free Tutorial

  1. lehockib says:

    nice…thanks for sharing this.

  2. Judy says:

    What a great tutorial! I really need to give this one a whirl. oxo Judy

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