Spinning Again, Knitting Still and I’m Gonna Make Me a Jacket!

I’ve been slowly working on a hat and some wristlets for a couple of weeks… Funny how other mundane things (like mopping and dinner.. ;o/ ) seem to intrude on the more important things in life.. (like knitting, sewing and spinning..;o)

Back in 2010, son Phil and my wonderful DIL Loretta traveled to Earth Guild in Asheville, NC.  They sent some wonderfully soft and fluffy merino wool that I immediately began to spin.  I knitted Phil a warm  hat to wear in the winter (and this one finally fit comfortably.. ;o) But the peach/orange has been spun, skeined, washed and finally wound into several center pull balls and have patiently waited until I could finally decide what to make from them. I took several pics of the hat when I finished it and I like that it can be worn a couple of different ways.  Just finished the wristlets last night.  If you’ve never used a pair of wristlets under your coat… you just don’t know what you are missing.  They keep the cold from worming it’s way up your coat sleeves.  I had never used them until my DDIL made me a pair.  I accepted them gracefully and thought… “I’ll never use these..hmmm”  And then we had an ice storm and had to go out in it.  Believe me, I seldom go out in the winter without them any more.

The Watch Cap is probably my favorite way to wear any cap.  That extra layer of warmth around the ears is like Christmas every day for me.. ;o)

It can also be worn as a small tam.  This would be good for a stylish college or high school day.  Since I personally look like The Creature From the Black Lagoon in almost any hat or cap, this would have to be for someone else to wear..lol

I have the pattern for the wristlets written down and will try to get them up as a free pattern in the next day or two… but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen until after Christmas.. lol  I have wonderful intentions.. you do understand.. ;o)  Please bear in mind that the wristlets were just finished last night and have not been washed and blocked yet..

Finally decided to try my hand back at the spinning wheel.  Since the discovery of the labrum tear in my right hip (and the light bulb understanding of why it hurt to spin..duhhh)  I have been reluctant to spin very much since I have a single treadle wheel and use my right foot to spin.  Finally, following the several times given advice from my buddy Pat, I went to Serenity Day Spa and had Brian do his magic massage on my right shoulder and hip.  Amazing is the only way I can describe it.  Release from pain is a wonderful thing.  The labrum tear of the hip and the bursitis of the shoulder are still there, but the pain is so far diminished that it truly is like magic!  And it’s wonderful to be able to spin again.

Now.. I’m gonna make me a jacket.. today.  Pat and I spent some time yesterday at JoAnn’s and I found this pattern, this plush for the jacket and this print for the edging… I can’t wait to see it finished…

I’m really anxious to get my sewing machines out.  I guess that crafting cycle calling for sewing has hit once again…lol  We’ll see how long this one lasts.. ;o)

Must go now and get something done around here or none of my hobby’s will get done.. ;o)  So… if I’m not back on here before the Holidays…

I hope all of you have the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years…. and may the Joy of the Season last all year for you!

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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