Ingram Arts Show, Tupelo, OK

I have an aunt and uncle (twins) who turned 80 years old this year.  My aunt has wanted to have an art show in honor of my grandparents for years.   There is a lot of talent in the family and she would like everyone to join in.  So I will be in Tupelo, Oklahoma on September 22 for this show.  I will be doing demonstrations of spinning, weaving, naalbinding and card weaving.  This needle book will be one of the things that I will have for sale.

Remember this from 2008?

I have had this fabric stored away with many other things I have made.  Well,  I decided to  use it to make a needle book.  I started by felting some wool that also had stashed and after it dried completely I began.

The embroidery thread was spun a couple of years ago and has been used for many projects.. ;o)  I thought I might want to use the card woven ribbon for a book mark, but decided that bookmark and needles might not be a good match.. ;o)

The finished needle  book has large pockets on front and back covers for scissors and accessories.

The finished needle book.   I may add more to it… a crocheted thimble holder or such.  We’ll see.. ;o)

We are enjoying an unseasonable cool spell here in North Texas.  Very nice sitting outside weather…

Have a wonderful day.. ♥

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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  1. drikkaglaser says:

    Hi, I love your work, hope you take your time and make sure to pick an Award I sent you at my blog, take care, Drikka

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