A Support Spindle Mode

I’ve watched You Tube videos of people spinning with Russian spindles for a long timeRussianSpindleBowlCherry102014.  Never could get the gist of why a person would use one..  Well… guess what I did.. I ordered this beauty from Maine Fiber Tools on Etsy.   It’s Cherry with a brass tip.  It spins really well, but I had a hard time getting my fingers to do that snap thing to make it go fast…lol  However, I love the fact that I can spin while sitting down without having to lean over.  (Getting older is a real pain in back.. literally.)

This really got me started so.. I also bought these 2 Russian spindles and a Tibetan spindle from The Spanish Peacock.  The tiny sharp end of the shafts make it very easy to get the spindle up to speed.  I do love them.  SpanishPeacockRussianTibetanPurseRussianCards They are so perfectly balanced and spin so fast that I find that I like spinning on them almost as much as the drop spindles that I love.  Must say.. the Tibetan spindle in the center is my favorite of these.  The heavier whorl makes it stay in one place easier than the shifting around of the others in the spindle bowl.

I had decided that I would never be able to catch a Spanish Peacock spindle in time to buy it since they sell out witMalcolmFieldingSpindle1hin minutes of being placed on the web site… so in between getting the one from Maine Fiber Tools and The Spanish Peacock I ordered one from Malcolm Fielding in Australia.  It is a purse size Tibetan spindle that is Camphor Laurel whorl with Lignum Vitae shaft… and what an absolute beauty it is.. sigh   From the first moment I saw it I was overwhelmingly in love.  It spins like a dream, fits my hand perfectly and is small enough (purse size) that I can take it anywhere with me.

I have ordered another spindle from Malcolm Fielding… this one in the “Dervish” style in a starter kit with a Dymondwood bowl,  Australian wool and an ebook on learning to use a support spindle by Fleegle.   You can see her spinning with a Russian spindle on YouTube here.

It’s a beautiful day here in North Texas.  Supposed to cool off some this afternoon.  I have a corned beef brisket cooking in the slow cooker, my throw quilt is pinned and ready to baste for quilting and NO appointments on for the day… My honey is in the shower, the bacon is done and ready for breakfast when he is… 🙂

Have a good day today… 🙂

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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