Knitted Edges… Who Knew? and Free Knit Patterns

Wandering through Pinterest this morning since I woke up.. got up.. at 4am.. ughhh  Anyway, I came across the most exquisite way to edge knitting!  I’ve always done tKnitEdgeshat thing that everyone teaches us to do… slip the first stitch to make the edges look “neat”.. and most of the time it works.. sort of.   But take a look at this site and the edges on this knitted lace.   Wow!  Oh.. in my excitement I forgot to say  Here it is:

The site is called 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book.   And in this article on “Knitted Lace (Wide)”  is the way edging your knitting was done back then.  Instead of slipping the first stitch, knit across the row, bring your yarn forward and then slip the last stitch purlwise.

While you’re over on the site, check out the free patterns.  I love them.

I love this.  It would seem that when making socks the pickup for the heels would be so much easier since these stitches are so symmetrical.  Who knows… but you can bet I’ll be using this on my next pair of socks.  🙂

The Sweet DH is still in bed, Katie (the tiny, black poodle) is still in bed with him, but Sam (the larger apricot poodle) always has to get up with me.  He is so funny… lots of hugs and pets, then back to bed in his fluffy bed here in the office.  It’s now 7:16 and I just heard the beeps of the coffeepot turning itself off.  I must hurry to get my second cup.. 🙂  Have a wonderful day.. 🙂

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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2 Responses to Knitted Edges… Who Knew? and Free Knit Patterns

  1. Katie says:

    That does look nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. zinaszanies says:

    I have been saving this in my email inbox for weeks, waiting for some time to go see what it was all about. Wow, it was definitely worth the visit! Have you tried it on sock heels yet, and if so, how did it work?

    Thanks for sharing with us!

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