Recycle/ Reuse and Make a Placemat

We finally found some sheets with pockets deep enough that the fitted sheet would stay on the bed… only took 5 years.  🙂  That left us with several sets of sheets and while most will given to a good cause, a few will be used to make placemats… and maybe even a rug.

You may remember that I posted last year about these Love and Money Lap Looms.  I pulled them out of the closet a while back, cut one of the sheets into 1″ strips and wove some placemats.  They are a perfect fit for our supper trays and I love them!   They’re very strong and sturdy.


While I had the looms out I also made some coffee rugs (or could be used as hot pads).


I tried different things with the smaller loom.  By mixing different colors of fabric a whole new look could be accomplished.  The blue is made from wool that just didn’t quite work out while I was trying to spin an art yarn.   I have to say… I love these looms!

If you noticed on the photo of the placemats, there is a large piece of fabric left over from the sheet.  Here’s the apron made from it.  🙂



I do love it.  It fits perfectly and is heavy enough fabric that even grease will not soak through.  Love that.. 🙂

If you look in the upper left corner of this photo, you can see where our tiny Katie photo-bombed … lol  She and her larger partner in crime Sam are our little loves.. 🙂

Well, summer is well on its way to normal here in North Texas.  Hot, hot, hot… and I must get up and around and go water my flowers before the sun gets so hot.  Have a wonderful day today .

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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