Making Wrapped Cording Baskets…Free Tutorial

I really should stay off YouTube.  But I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the video tutorial for making these adorable baskets.  Just had to do it.  The Crafty Gemini .. otherwise known as Vanessa Vargas Wilson… has a great craft blog!  And I fell in love with the ease of making these little baskets as soon as I saw her video..  Click here to see it.. 🙂

Top left is my first try.   It came out a little like a small curved plate and Vanessa is absolutely right… trying to do a round is more difficult than the oval shape.  I would suggest that if you decide to try making one of these (very easy… go ahead! .. 🙂 ) do make a small sample size to begin your journey into this craft.  I found my stitch width a little too wide.  Going in a circle made it difficult to get my seams straight.  The length of the stitch was way too short, so I have all these white, close stitches that really stand out.  But.. it got better toward the outside edge as I adjusted everything .  It’s still very usable as it will have “stuff” that covers most of the mishaps.

The bottom left and the large photo are my second try.  The edges “bowled” quite a bit better and I had already found the stitching sizes I wanted.. just couldn’t figure out what that clanging noise was in my sewing machine!  hmmmph… You’d think after 50 years of sewing a person could figure out when the bobbin is in upside down.. 🙂   Good learning experience… if you run out of bobbin thread or have to cut your thread for whatever reason, beginning the seam again at the cut off point is mostly hidden with your seams.  It’s not the end of the world.


For the miniature bowl in the center, I wrapped wool 2ply homespun instead of 3/16″ cording.  It was a little more fiddly to do, but I can just see it on the floor of a doll house with rolled balls of cut fabric (as shown) or tiny magazines.

I have so enjoyed making these and I know for a fact that they will not be my last.  🙂  Also.. as a side note… you don’t have to put the curved sides and make bowls.  These would make wonderful, sturdy place mats or trivets.  I can even see small purses made this way.

The days here in North Texas are cooling a little.. and by that I mean we are not getting the 90° – 100°  days anymore.  🙂  The mosquitoes still run rampant in the evenings.. which totally ruins the idea of sitting outside unless in a screened in area… but still..    It’s almost time to pull up all the sweet potato vines that have made the flower beds so beautiful this year.


I have no clue why WordPress will not turn this photo  properly… but there ya’ go.. 🙂

Have a wonderful day.. Smile lots and kiss your babies and hug your friends…

About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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