Whirlwind Move… to another state!

One day.. not too long ago.. my husband walked into the kitchen and said “Let’s move” ..  I said “To where” .. he said.. “to Oklahoma”.. I fainted..

Well, we are now here and have had 2 months to unload, unpack, repair, rebuild, get legal with licenses etc… and I have finally awakened from my faint!

Needless to say, there has been very little (make that “NO”) time for my crafts.  Finally there is a little breathing space but there isn’t much to blog about.  So we shall go back in time and find the things that I haven’t had time to blog about.. 🙂


Last fall I became entranced with the idea of mug rugs.  I had some left over fabric 5″ squares and jelly rolls from a quilt that I am STILL working on so I sat down and got busy.  These are some that I loved.  I gave them to my sons for Christmas… but I may have to make some just like them for me.. 🙂  Very easy… if you have a minute or two, give these a try.


I also had some yarn left over from a doll’s hair that I made.. so I became involved with 2-hour booties and leggings.  (Bottom photo)  The booties are crocheted and after the photo had ribbon placed around the opening to pull close and keep them from falling off.  Very warm booties… I love them.   The leggings are knit from a pattern that I will have to look up and tell you about later… since I’m running out of time.. 🙂

The top photo is a made up pattern for wristlets that is simply a cuff with increases to make the ruffle.  I love these.. I use wristlets all the time to keep the wind from blowing up my coat sleeve.  The boot tops I have never used because I’ve not worn boots.. lol   But I will have to get some now so I can try them out..

Well, I must say that Oklahoma is one of the many places that I grew up and I do enjoy being back in the state.  Of course, the fact that our house is lovely with even more lovely landscaping makes a big difference.. lol

BackyardKatie072017 This is our 5 pound little poodle who loves the new sidewalk out back.. 🙂  Our 13 pound poodle just loves the back yard.. couldn’t care less about a sidewalk.. lol

Have a lovely day, everyone.




About Linda S.

Retired Grandma living in North Central Texas and enjoying being able to spend my time with all my many crafting interests.
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